5 Reasons to take cannabis with you into the great outdoors

Published Jul 17, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Now that the warm weather is here, outdoor enthusiasts are packing up their tents, trailers, and bicycles, and is heading out to their next big adventure. It’s a wonderful time of year, as the birds are always singing, the sun is nearly insistent on shining, and we can finally do things without feeling weighed down by ten different layers, but did you know that cannabis can help to make these memories even greater? If you haven't tried it, and you’re wondering how we’re here to help with the top five things about the great outdoors that are simply better with weed.

1. It can help to ward off aches and pains

After sitting around for a few months while waiting for the colder months to pass, we tend to be pretty out of shape, so suddenly hitting the trails or hopping on a bike can be straining. Even if you’re in the best of shape, we humans like to test our limits, which is bound to lead to sore muscles, and in some cases, even injury. If you’re getting slowed down by these irritating aches, it can be hard to finish what you set out to do, but cannabis can help to alleviate them so that you can see things through until the very end.

2. You’ll see the world through a new perspective

Marijuana plant cannabinoids are known to have certain types of effects, and though they can vary from one person or strain to the next, most would agree that they are really good at enhancing the senses. This means that flowers along the way will smell better, and it might even make it so that when you get bumped into or experience a less than enjoyable situation, it won’t bug you so badly because you’ll be calm and patient. So, if you want to see an old trail in a different light, this might just be the way to do it.

3. Increase energy and motivation levels

Have you ever bailed on plans because you simply didn’t feel up to the challenge? If you answered yes, then cannabis might be just the solution that you’ve been looking for. Though it might seem a little bit counter-intuitive as most potheads are known as lazy, with a little bit of THC oil before you head out, you might just find that your mood is improved and that your energy levels have spiked enough to continue moving out the door.


4. You may find that you get higher than usual

Though there is very little scientific evidence into this effect, due to the sheer recreational nature of it, most cannabis enthusiasts swear that they feel higher when they enjoy cannabis products outdoors. This is likely due to an increased heart rate, which we often experience when we’re outside. Be it biking, hiking, fishing, bird watching, or a simple stroll. Your heart will be racing compared to where it sits when you’re at home, which seems to make the body process the cannabinoids at a faster rate.

5. Absolute discretion or attention (whichever you prefer)

The great thing about nature is that you can enjoy more secluded places completely alone, or you can find places that facilitate more of a community type of experience where you’re surrounded by people throughout your journey. This means that you can pull out that really smelly Skunk weed and enjoy it without anyone for miles, even knowing that you’re there, or you can do the same thing in a more crowded place which may open the door to meeting like-minded individuals.

No matter how shy or outgoing you might be, nature has a little bit of something to offer everyone, and cannabis can make every single bit of it better.

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