5 reasons to give the gift of weed this Christmas

Published Dec 23, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Coming up with the best Christmas gift ideas can get harder with the passing of time, as we try to reach higher than the bar of last year. Let’s be real, finding the ideal gift can be a challenge even for those who love to shop, but this year weed is legal, so why not give some for Christmas?

There is always that one odd person who it wouldn’t make a great surprise for, but for the rest, you should consider giving cannabis because it is:

1. Unique
Have you ever been given weed for Christmas before? Chances are you probably answered no to that question and for a good reason, as most regions maintained cannabis as a schedule 1 drug until recently, which is what makes it so unique, but this year, according to the law, you are free and clear to gift marijuana if you choose, this Christmas.

2. Therapeutic
We all know someone who could use a little relaxation, especially during this stressful time of year, and as you probably already know, a few puffs of some high-quality weed can help to soothe so many symptoms from lack of appetite to pain and mood swings, which can all become a problem for a lot of people around the holidays.

3. Recreational
Do you know someone who could use a bit of fun, but could also benefit from something that is much safe to consume than alcohol with less uncomfortable side effects? Though we’re pretty sure that describes just about everyone on this planet, if you have a special someone on your Christmas list that fits the bill, then they would probably love a nice bag of weed as a gift.

4. Educational
We all have at least a couple of stoner friends, but they probably aren’t the ones that would benefit the most from a bag of weed, as they probably already know all about it. If you want to turn the holidays into a lifelong lesson through experience and experimentation, then why not gift a bag of cannabis or related goods to someone on your Christmas list who is open to the idea, but not quite motived enough to get out there and try it themselves. It could be an effective learning tool, which is rare among the top Christmas gifts ideas for adults and well worth the investment.

5. Easy to personalize
This is true no matter how inexperienced the person might be, as it isn’t hard to tell which cannabis strains or products someone else could benefit from if you know them well. A sedating strain could be purchased and given as a gift for that person having trouble sleeping at night, or a medicinal strain for one who is struggling with symptoms of cancer or arthritis.


For those who seem completely opposed to the idea of smoking, you could opt for a healthier alternative, like edibles or topical beauty products instead. Since there are so many legal options on the market today, you are bound to find something cannabis-derived for everyone on your Christmas list, even if they would prefer something a bit more complicated, than bud flowers.

How to buy weed for a Christmas present

There are a couple of ways that you could go about getting your hands on some high-quality green just in time for the holidays, but the one you choose might come down to what’s in stock, and the time crunch that you face. For those with a few days to spare, you can check out online dispensaries that will ship right to the giftee’s house in a matter of days, however, if you can't find anything you like there or is strap for time, then an excellent alternative is Weedmaps.

Weedmaps is a massive database of dispensaries and cannabis-related information, but if you look at their deliveries section, you can type in any address that is in a legal area, and get some fresh weed delivered to either your place or your giftee’s in a matter of hours. There is no way to beat that kind of convenience at this time of year, especially if you are one of the many who prefers to avoid the crowds in-store.

Weedmaps has promised to remove black market cannabis dispensaries but is it true


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