5 Pot products that I couldn't live without

Published Apr 28, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Some of you know me as Christal Chronic, advocate, writer, journalist, and blogger about all things cannabis right here at Cannabis.Wiki. My legal name (something I’m working on changing because Chronic just suits me better) is Christal Chatterley, and my journey with cannabis began at a tender age I will not divulge. I was young, but in an instant, thanks to a friend, I discovered a tool that could help me to feel just a little more human.

Though I’m not quite sure when my consumption went from occasional therapy to a full-time solution that helped to get me completely off antidepressants among a wide variety of other pills, doctors at the time were dolling out like candy. I do know that I’ve been toking, smoking, vaping, and in general, reveling in all that this sweet plant has to offer for more than 15 years without a single day's pause.

It helps me to get moving in the morning, to think, contemplate and create throughout the day, and it lands me in bed each night with no issue drifting off to dreamland. Cannabis dulls the aches and pains in the mind, body, and soul, and without it, I wouldn’t be kicking the butt of an eating disorder that plagued much of my childhood.

As you can probably imagine, with a story like mine, it was only natural for cannabis to become my passion, and it’s already taken me to so many heights I once believed could only be dreams. I use it from the minute I wake up until the final moments before crawling into bed, and as such, I have a unique perspective into what really works for the most seasoned cannabis users.

If that’s you, then I highly recommend checking out any of these fantastic pot products that I personally couldn’t live without.

1. Distillate

I’ve never been a huge fan of edibles because most of them have a distinct taste that can get overwhelming, but with distillate, that’s just not a problem. A few drops in a coffee or tea, or rubbed into the gums, or placed just under the tongue will work quickly, with effects that come on slow but intense, in some cases lasting for several hours. For that reason, I prefer to rely on distillate when I’m in pain or in the evenings when there isn’t a whole lot left to do.

2. Honey oil

Honey oil, like BHO, is one of the most known cannabis concentrates because it was widely in circulation prior to legalization, but these days you can get the kind that’s made using CO2, which means no solvents that could be bad for your health. I love honey oil because it’s potent, clean, and it’s great to smoke, vape or dab. Unfortunately, a lot of the flavor goes during the process of making it, still, between its high potency and how easy it is to use some to make moon rocks or rockets, the small sacrifice is often worth it.

3. Moon rocks

I like to make my own moon rocks with kief, honey oil and flower, but the pre-made version saves you a whole lot of the mess while still giving up all of the same great benefits. These gems include all of the terpy cannabis flavours you know and love but with a heavy boost thanks to the trichomes and sticky concentrate coating. The unique combination of taste and aroma cannot be found so affordably in any other pot product, and for that reason, I love moon rocks!

4. Hash

There are more types of hash out there than you might realize, but only one holds a place dear to my heart and it’s the rawest and pure hashish on the market. Sometimes it’s made from machine scrapings, the bits collected on machines that process cannabis. However, generally, it’s made using pure kief which is full of trichomes and terpenes and a small amount of heat or water. I like it as an evening treat because it gives my tastebuds and nose a burst that can only be described as all of the goodness that’s in cannabis on steroids.

5. Potent flower

If cannabis flower seems boring, then you’re not shopping at the right dispensaries because, with over 3,000 strains to choose from, there are good ones. You just have to know where to find them. As a consumer with a high tolerance, I find that I can generally rely on any Haze, Romulan, Skunk, or Diesel combination. They provide a higher concentration of cannabinoids along with the most delicious scents that will linger in a room for hours. Of course, those who aren’t fond of weed smell might disagree, but those are my lifelong favourites.

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