5 of the best YouTube channels about marijuana

Published Apr 9, 2019 01:43 p.m. ET

YouTube has had a rocky history of being a problematic platform for cannabis users to utilize fully. Since the company is located in the USA, it was unclear how precisely they needed to abide by American legislation or the laws in their viewer's regions. Now that marijuana has become a legally controlled substance in Canada, the websites rules and regulations have molded to provide what the viewers have shown that they want, a good hearty dose of cannabis news, how to videos, and other educational content. A bit of time has passed, and YouTubers have had enough time to establish themselves, there is a clearer view of the different kinds of marijuana materials that are getting the most attention. If you have never seen a cannabis-based video that is factual than you may be in for a surprise when you check out these five incredible channels that feel more professional, educational and helpful. A few will even add in a touch of elegance to bring their viewers a unique experience that is slowly becoming the standard of the industry.  

1. John Berfelo - How to grow weed

John has been carefully skirting YouTube censorship for years with his professionalism. A quick peek into his past seven years’ worth of educational tutorials on how to grow weed show John as a passionate teacher and advocate for cannabis. Whether you are seeking some advice on germinating, transplanting, trimming, harvesting, curing, or various grow methods he’s got you covered. Once he had touched on almost every aspect you can imagine regarding the process of growing marijuana, Berfelo branched out even further releasing three other channels including a cannabis news station called Cannabis in Canada, Bubbleman’s World, and Pot TV.

2. StrainCentral - Weed strains

One of the most confusing aspects of legal marijuana for the average consumer is the difference between different weed strains. How they taste, grow, smoke, and produce are just a few of StrainCentral's main vocal points with thousands of videos including strain reviews, how to grow weed, and popular cannabis news topics there is a little of something for everyone here. The host is entertaining, engaging and relatable as an average Joe, but he comes to the table equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a mission to break down stereotypes and educate both new and experienced consumers.

3. TokinGLX - Marijuana adventures


Over the last seven years, Paul has covered his daily interactions and fascinating experiences of smoking weed from some of the world's highest cliffs or while canoeing through beautiful, enchanting rivers. Though many of his updates are recorded in the comfort of his home and based on his own experiences with various marijuana products, it seems his followers can’t get enough of his fast-paced lifestyle and exotic travels. Though this channel isn’t exactly a cannabis news station, the majority of his videos are how to and popular trend-based topics that are sure to engage and teach you along the way.

4. RuffHouse Studios - All things cannabis

RuffHouseTV is a wildly popular YouTube channel that has well over 500 000 subscribers and several years of experience which shows. From 2007 until now RuffHouse has released thousands of videos on marijuana edibles, how to grow weed, dabbing, smoking, vaporizing, weed strains reviews, rolling tutorials, and other entertaining content like cannabis news and trailers that is perfect for any pot enthusiast. It’s one of the few channels that has successfully managed to branch out into so many different topics with a flair and presentation that is difficult to compete with.

5. The Cannabis Cooking Channel - Marijuana edibles

Now that it is legal for Canadians to create their cannabis concentrates to cook or bake with, many are seeking different methods of infusion that they can recreate with little to no knowledge at home. Here you will find the traditional marijuana cookies and brownies, but you will also see a bountiful selection of cannabis edibles that are more classic and elegant. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own enjoyment, or have a bunch of guests coming to impress, you are sure to find something to love among The Cannabis Cooking Channel’s recipes list.



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