5 must-see Canadian cannabis related Instagram feeds

Published May 27, 2019 11:40 a.m. ET
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Now that marijuana is legal in many places all over the world, enthusiasts have taken to various social media platforms to advocate, educate, and spread awareness about weed strains, smoking marijuana, growing plants, and so much more. The trouble is that since cannabis remains illegal in most of the United States, most of the popular online platforms have continued to implement old school restrictions which limit both the viewers and the speakers from sharing.

Instagram is one of the few that maintains simple rules. No selling, and no buying, but you can advocate, share photos, and so much freer without violating site rules. If you like or are interested in smoking marijuana, then you should check out these five Canadian Instagram accounts that focus on all the different aspects of cannabis.

1. @fallforvee

If you are one of the many that have always believed that marijuana smoking could be elegantly captured, then this one is for you. Vee is a female focused professional photographer that uses flower prints, and gorgeous backdrops to create works of art with models who are almost always smoking marijuana in an intrinsically captured way. Along with her beautiful photography, Vee shares personal stories, and medical cannabis facts with more than 8000 followers every single week.

Link to VEE’s translator, blogger, and photographer Instagram

2. @heytommychong

The iconic Tommy Chong that so many of us grew up with has his own Instagram feed, and of cours, the subject at hand is almost always about the marijuana plant. Whether he’s smoking it, growing it, advocating for it, or sharing new and exciting weed strains it’s all right here. Chong has one of the most popular feeds on this list, with well over 2.5 million followers to show for it.

Link to Tommy Chong’s Instagram

3. @urbanremo


Unfortunately, Remo is a victim of Facebook and Youtube’srestricted regulations, and his channel was taken down for good a few years ago, but his Instagram account is one of the oldest and most robust cannabis related options out there. Urban is a longtime advocate, and cannabis cultivator with decades of experience and the pictures to prove it. If you are looking for tips, tricks, or just some inspirational photos, this the place you need to be.

Link to Urban Remo’s Instagram

4. @spliffmackenzie

Another incredibly powerful photographer and activist are Spliff Mackenzie who’s Twitter feed are full of fantasy type backdrops and images of regular everyday people all over the city who are smoking marijuana or vaping some of their favorite concentrates. Spliff’s style and class show in all of her work and has earned her just under 60 000 followers.

Link to Spliff Mackenzie’s Instagram

5. @naturalbudz

The owners of Natural Buz which is a clinic and vape lounge located in Ontario run an Instagram account full of all kinds of cannabis related goodies. From the hottest new weed strains, educational information. membership discounts, professional up-close bud shots, event or visitor photos, and contests for smoking marijuana paraphernalia. You will find all that and more right here if you follow Natural Budzon their unique experience with the brand-new legal cannabis market in Canada.

Link to the Natural Budz Instagram



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