5 fun indoor activities for cannabis-loving couples

Published Apr 8, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Spending so much time indoors can make you a little crazy, but with the current state of things in the world, most of us are facing our own four walls as our new day to day reality. This can feel tedious, especially at first, when you’re used to always having something to do, but once you’re settled in, it should get a little bit easier to feel more in touch with your creative side.

Since this new reality can take quite a while to get used to, and social distancing can leave us feeling cut off from the friends and family members that we love so much, it’s important to keep your mind busy, and a good way to do that is by reconnecting with your partner.

Stoner couples are one of the few that aren’t really catered to when it comes to activities for partners, and because of that, we’ve come up with a list of five incredible ways to get your smoke on while you fall in love all over again and have some fun while you’re doing it.

1. Binge on Netflix weed series

As a couple, you will often have things that you don’t quite agree on, like your favorite types of show, or flavors of ice cream, but with a massive library like Netflix to browse and choose from, you are bound to find something that can help you to kill some time, while you sneak in a few cuddles with the one that you love. So smoke a big, fat joint, or several of them and then head into the wide world of Netflix, for some quality one on one time.

2. Board games

Break out one the classics like Monopoly, snakes and ladders, or Twister from the storage closet, and get ready for a round of nostalgia. We highly recommend dusting off some of the oldest, most forgotten ones that you can find, so that it feels almost like a brand-new experience, which should help to keep you two engaged longer.

Alternatively, you could also integrate weed, by taking a hit for every win, or every even roll of the die. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can use a regular game like scrabble and score extra points for pot-related words. No matter what you chose, it will be an excellent way to have fun with your sweetie while you finally have an extra bit of time on your hands.


3. Try a new, more potent cannabis product together

If you’ve always wanted to try a stronger cannabis good, there is truly no better time than now, as you probably have nowhere to go in the morning, and you have the watchful eyes of your loving partner to help you out. Now, if one of you has tried the new item on the menu, then you should be pretty safe taking them together, but if it’s a first for both of you, then you may want to consider alternating every couple of hours (or more) so that one of you is sober in case the other truly needs assistance or guidance during the experience.

4. Order a cannabis sample pack and enjoy a tasting

If you’re one of those couples who enjoy weed, but you don’t really care what you are smoking, now is the time to test out your palette through some extra fancy strains that are known for their terpenes. Sure, you might normally need to save the money, but if you want something special to do, and since there are not many places open to go to, it might be worth splurging this one on a super terpy experience.

5. Get baked all day and just talk

Sure, you could schedule a day filled activities, but that would require work, and you might not feel up to it, especially during this slump, and that’s ok. There are still plenty of options for things to do, like lying in bed all day just getting stoned and talking. A fun way to get started is to pick a random fun topic, and then go from there, which can turn into an interesting day of learning about each other, while staying comfy, getting high, plenty of snacks, and reconnecting with your other half.

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