5 fantastic cannabis wedding ideas

Published Nov 5, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Planning what is perhaps the most important day in your life is no small feat and finding something unique that makes everyone happy can be challenging. Most have an idea of how they envisioned their special day, but the reality can be even better than that by tossing out old traditional ideals that no longer suit the couple involved and incorporating ideas, activities and décor to compliment the bride and groom by celebrating with what they truly love.

Cannabis enthusiasts have long entertained dreams of the perfect wedding involving their substance of choice, often in place of those more socially acceptable like alcohol. Until recently, for most, this was little more than a fantasy, but with marijuana legalization in action all over the world, even if you live in a region that doesn’t allow it, your dream can be made into a reality.

Some brides enjoy taking in a wedding expo for inspiration, so to finish we will conclude with the best must-see cannabis-themed wedding expo events, but to start, here are some ideas that other couples have tried that have gotten stellar feedback from everyone including the bride, groom and of course, the internet.

1. Edible arrangements
Every wedding needs some fancy décor and arrangements to help to set the mood, and while some stick to traditional whites, an edible arrangement can be fashioned to include any color of a fruit. The best part about this idea is that there are a few different ways that you can infuse them for guests to enjoy.
You could infuse them with cannabis before they are placed onto tables using cannabis oil or weed chocolate, or offer a chocolate fondue that is infused with some green so that guests can moderate their intake more closely and enjoy fresh fruit if they wish, without the special ingredient.

2. Cannabis bouquets
For those who aren’t fans of edibles, there is an alternative option that looks just as breathtaking and also fits in with the traditional white theme, as greenery is a perfect complement to such a light tone. Most consumers view cannabis flowers as little more than a smokable product that needs to produce a high, but in its whole form, some strains of marijuana can be even more beautiful than any regular flower.

To pull this one off, you will probably need to grow your own cannabis, or have access to a producer who is willing to sell you a partially prepared product, because the dispensaries don’t carry buds that are still attached by the stem which is necessary for the bouquet shape.

Wrap a handle of cannabis buds and stems and add accenting touches with small flowers like baby’s breath to manipulate the color scheme to suit your theme. You can even take it the extra mile and ensure to incorporate both his and hers favorites for the whole wedding party to test out during the afterparty.

3. Spliff party favors
Some couples like to add a personal touch to the gifts that they plan on sending home with those who partook in their special day. Bubbles, wine glasses, small goodie bags and handmade mementos are generally used in this way, but there are some pretty neat ways to take this task up a notch by rolling a joint or spliff instead. It can be elegantly attached to a small thank you card with a small ribbon for an extra loving touch to show your guests how happy you are that they made it.

4. Joint rolling tables
Chances are if the bride and groom are tokers then a good chunk of the wedding party will be too, and when you get too many people looking for a good place to roll a joint, things can get hectic and quickly. Unless you want to be cleaning up cannabis grind before heading out on your honeymoon, it’s a good idea to set up a safe and well-equipped area for your fellow enthusiasts to roll a joint or a spliff. This helps to let them know that it’s an acceptable thing to do as not all weddings are so progressive, and can contain the mess, so it’s a winning idea for everyone involved.

5. Weed infused menu items
No matter how hard you like to party, it’s always a good idea to supply guests with non-infused drinks and food, so that they can keep up their energy to help you make your day as perfect as possible. However, most like to let loose a bit at weddings, as it is a celebration after all, so if you aren’t feeling up to a three-course, micro infused weed meal, then you can opt for something simple like a cannabis infused cake, cookies or any other small portioned, easy to dose treats, into edibles. Just be sure to warn everyone before you start serving the delicious goods.


Cannabis themed wedding expo events in Canada

If you aren’t fond of the ideas here and is seeking some new and easy to purchase décor and solutions for your cannabis-themed wedding, then a cannabis wedding expo might be just the thing for you. Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, these kinds of events are popping up everywhere, and this trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo

Cost: $25-$100 per ticket

Date: The Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo holds events almost weekly across the country. For further information on specific dates, check out their website.

Where: Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto

What to expect: The one of a kind experiences that can be had at The Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo, is like no other in the world, with thousands of traveling and ever-changing vendors, demonstrations, fashion, makeup, beauty products, and more; The Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo has solutions for all of your wedding needs. Whether you are seeking the perfect cannabis-themed dress and décor, or just want to peek at what the industry has to offer now that weed is legal, this is the place to be.

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