5 Brilliant cannabis wedding planning ideas

Published Jul 24, 2019 01:33 p.m. ET
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For cannabis enthusiasts, there has never been a better time to get hitched. With legalization quickly moving across the globe, there is now an opportunity to celebrate in style with a marijuana-themed wedding. The trouble is, with the trend being so new, there is little online for already tried and true options that won’t look tacky on your big day. If you are wondering how to tie the knot, with elegance and class, while maintaining pot as a theme, then look no further! Here are five unique touches that can be added to any traditional wedding ceremony, to help with converting it to the cannabis wedding of your dreams.

1. Bud bouquets

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? A giant, beautiful bouquet of bud flowers that are ready for vaping or smoking once the festivities are all over. The best part is the level of personalization that comes with it. Cannabis plants are processed, long before they are sold to consumers, hence the reason they are so small. However, many strains of weed grow tall, long branches that are ideal for wrapping the same way we do with other flowers. Pick the bride and groom’s favorite marijuana strains or take it a step even further and delve into more exotic types that include bright colors and sparkling trichomes that will dazzle the crowd as she walks down the aisle. Whether using them as an alternative to a traditional bouquet, as an accent to her favorite flowers or as table centerpieces, the options are truly breathtaking and limitless.

2. Marijuana edibles

A lot of brides look forward to the elegant cake, as it’s a rare occasion that one so massive and detailed is needed to feed a party. So, if you decide not to be extravagant and use an infused wedding cake, then there are plenty of smaller, more unique options to choose from. A cup of cannabis candy as table centerpieces will always go over well, and then, of course, there are easy to grab and portion marijuana edibles, like brownies or cookies. If sweets aren’t your thing, then more elegant and formal choices could be gravy, roast beef, chicken and pretty much any other dish that you could possibly want for dinner that evening. Marijuana edibles come with the advantage of no one having to smoke marijuana, so there’ll be no smoke in the air for those who don’t wish to consume.

3. Rolling station

At a cannabis wedding, it would make sense to expect plenty of guests to be smoking weed. Unfortunately, rolling joints and packing bowls can get a little bit messy and make guests feel less comfortable with doing so in the open. To encourage everyone in attendance to partake, a rolling station that is equipped with everything necessary for smoking weed should be located near the exit that leads to the area where everyone will be toking. This keeps everything contained and if four chamber grinders are used, it might even result in enough kief to keep you going long after the festivities have come to an end.


4. Stoner themed group activity

Everyone will probably end up smoking marijuana or vaping together at some point, but a little added flair can make that into a group activity. Some couples have invested into memory pieces like bongs or weed pipes, that they encourage everyone to smoke from. Once home, these memorabilia is displayed and kept as a fond reminder of that special day.

5. Paraphernalia wedding favors

Though the bride and groom will likely receive many gifts at this joyful celebration, the guests often spend their own time and money just to attend and it’s a great idea to send thanks. This means you will see small bottles of alcohol, champagne and all kinds of other adult-oriented trinkets in miniature size for guests to take home. Instead, to fit the cannabis theme, you may want to consider sending them off in style with one-hitter pipes or pre-rolled moon rockets to commemorate the occasion. You might even get a vape for vaping weed.

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