5 best vape shops in Canada in 2019

Published Sep 22, 2019 11:16 a.m. ET
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If you head over to dear old Google and type in ‘vape shops near me’ you might be surprised to find that there are hundreds of different venues right across the country, but finding a good quality supplier that makes you feel comfortable is sometimes challenging to locate. Here we will highlight some of the best vape shops in Canada since 2019, rated by consumers just like you.

1. Hamilton Vape Lounge in Ontario

If you have yet to visit the Hamilton Vape Lounge, then you have no idea what you are missing. The setting offered, allows customers to comfortably try out a variety of products for sale, as well as their own items from home. The goal of the Hamilton Vape Lounge is to bring consumers together and to provide knowledge that goes far beyond the industry’s standard. With extras like a rosin press and staff on hand that can help you to learn how to make concentrates, there is nowhere quite like this anywhere else in Canada.

2. Vape Nation Canada in Burlington, Brantford, Hamilton and Oakville, Ontario

Vape Nation has been around for several years and has won the hearts of many loyal customers who stand by the quality and selection of vape pen options like starter kits, vape mods, juices, cleaning tools, and flavor additives. Unfortunately, these locations are relatively small considering their massive inventory, so you might find it to be a challenge to find a space on one of the available leather couches, but regardless of that discrepancy, the trip out to any one of these locations is more than worth it.

3. Dragonvape in Brampton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Mississauga, Milton and Orangeville, Ontario

If you’ve searched for ‘vape shops near me’ then you have probably crossed paths with a Dragonvape listing. The Dragonvape shop carries one of the widest selections of vape mods in the country and prides themselves in carrying only the highest quality products, devices, and juices for consumers. At any of their multiple locations, you will find hot topic options like Lift vape juice and pretty much every kind of vape pen that you can think of, with friendly and knowledgeable staffs available to help you every step of the way.


4. Big Cloud Vapor Bar in Burnaby, British Columbia

The Big Cloud Vapor Bar might only have one location, but they are one of the longest running in the business to support consumers of cannabis. Inside you will find a massive selection of vape juices, vape pen options ranging from professional smoke trick quality to e-cigs and everything else in between. The best part is the open and relaxed atmosphere that allows you to try your own products or almost anything available on store shelves before you decide to make a purchase.

5. Up in Smoke Vape Shop in Claresholm, Alberta

Though this location’s popularity may have come from the association with Cheech and Chong’s infamous Up in Smoke stoner flick, it has stayed a staple for many customers thanks to its friendly staff and informational advice that is mainly geared towards cannabis consumers. Like most regular vape shops Up in Smoke carries plenty of vape pen styles and vape mods to choose from, but the main difference is that they also provide cannabis-infused good for interested consumers at a price.

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