Marijuana hotels and restaurants

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:29 p.m. ET

 It is vacation time; your hungry and a 420 kind of person. Now that marijuana is legal across Canada, you and I do not have to vacation without it. Fantastic and it’s about time.

I hate not to include Ontario or beautiful British Colombia in this list, but currently,these two provinces are limiting the purchase of marijuana to the government online stores. Though British Colombia has one store located in Kamloops, there isn’t, for example, many weed friendly hotels in Toronto at the current time. Ontario and British Colombia have some room to grow, in terms of weed friendly businesses, like hotels, restaurants and so on. Hopefully that’s an area of Canadian business that will be legal and can therefore expand soon.  

Choosing where to vacation and purchase marijuana needs some investigation, especially if your vacation may include multiple locations in a short time. This may prevent you from ordering from OCS due to delivery times.

Travel to P.E.I. and experience a fantastic trip staying at a cottage where you can smoke anywhere on the property. Thought vaping will only be allowed inside the cabin. Cottages will also allow you to take along your pet. Be mindful you are just about 8 km from a P.E.I. cannabis store.

If the 1000 Islands area attracts you there are 420 friendly accommodations available. Lady Buds provides an optional wake & bake package.

Weed friendly hotels

The famous Burrard hotel is pet-friendly and is housed in an old 50s style motor-home. Close to downtown Vancouver with easy access to a dispensary to purchase your weed if you forgot to bring it.

Another option is vacationing at an Okanagan Lake; you could hang out on Sarson's Beach, it’s stoner friendly. If you like beautiful waterfalls,don’t miss Christie Falls. I suggest you roll a sativa joint and start walking the beautiful trails.


Weed friendly restaurants

Now that we have discussed a few areas in Canada that accommodate 420 travelers we need to look at restaurants that can cater to our cannabis diet. Sorry,but in Canada, it is not legal to serve edibles till late 2019.  That does not mean that edibles are not available for you to consume. You are free to consume edibles that are homemade from your own cannabis. The Green Chef Canada is a company that will come to your house and cook for you. Your food can be cannabis-infused with your own cannabis. This company will provide cocktails with a 3-course cannabis-infused menu. At your request, the company can provide a dab bar. And what vacation dinner is complete without a little bag of edibles to take home? Certainly not yours. Vacation time is a great time to partake in these services.

If you are lucky enough to be in Vancouver when renowned chef Christopher Sayegh is there, you may be lucky to experience one of his popup style cannabis-infused feasts. Sadly, you must be on the invitation list and know the secret address; you will then enjoy some fine dining culinary treats.

It is important to mention that there is a concern that restaurants serving edibles may not require liquor licenses. This perhaps could be due to the time that edibles take to be activated in our system. Drinking and edibles may not be the best plan when looking for a restaurant that will satisfy your cannabis-infused cravings.

If you are looking to book 420 vacations in Canada such as bud and breakfasts,Canada is a great place to start surfing.

Wherever you go vacationing in Canada enjoy your weed, eat and drink responsibly and enjoy!



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