420 Friendly places to vacation across Canada

Published Feb 14, 2019 02:48 p.m. ET

 Canada is a great place to travel to for any reason. With beautiful parks, friendly locals and a great range in environments to see. It's a great destination, but with the legalization of marijuana recently there's an added benefit. Many places in Canada have been weed friendly for years, but now is the time the markets and businesses are catching up. It's a great time to visit Canada and indulge in some marijuana.


Let's start off Vancouver, also known a Vansterdam, the weed capital of Canada, home to beautiful natural scenery and home of the famous bud. Here you will find many storefront shops to shop for your buds and accessories.

Before the legalization on October 17, 2018, flowers, edibles and topical products were available at any of the Vancouver dispensaries. At one dispensary, you used to be able to smell the different strains before buying them. Post-legalization Vancouver is a different story; retail outlets can now only sell oils, dried flowers with lower THC levels. No longer are you able to smell the aromas or even see the flowers before purchasing, the cannabis must not be visible by law?

There are many places to enjoy your cannabis in Vancouver. The Amsterdam Cafe is one such place where you can enjoy your beer and food along with your weed.

You can also find the infamous VIP lounge. Here the surroundings are comfortable, and you can spend as much time as you like relaxing on their couches. Here you can enjoy your weed. Though, it is not supplied. This club also provides dab rigs and huge bongs for your pleasure, at a small fee.

Pot tours are available also, providing more for 420 tourists to enjoy.

Prince Edward Island

At this time, P.E.I. is the only province that will allow you to smoke in your hotel room, with the approval of the hotel owner. Also, motels, bed, and breakfasts also allow use, to further the tourism industry.  Purchasing your weed from government-operated retail locations will be available for recreational use, sometime in the future.



Toronto is an excellent vacation spot with plenty to do for stoners. Cafe's are popular, Kensington market hosts the HotBox cafe to enjoy coffee and tea. For a small deposit, you can enjoy the use of their volcano vaporizers, sit back and chill to the music. If visiting head shops is your idea of fun, look no further, there are tons of great head shops in Toronto. If you like going to expos, Toronto hosts one of the best, Champs Canada Expo, as well as many others.


While visiting here, you will enjoy toking spots throughout the municipality. These areas will be shared by tobacco smoking friends too. You will also be able to access storefront shops for your pleasure.


Anywhere that tobacco users can smoke, so to can marijuana smokers. Montreal offers great outdoor guided tours for the 420 crowd. Travelers can enjoy weed inspired cafe's throughout Montreal for you to enjoy. Montreal also has a high number of public parks where people go to smoke all the time, just watch out for signs that may prohibit use.

Just remember although pot is legal throughout Canada each province and territory carry different rules.  Familiarize yourself with these rules.  A high priority throughout Canada is responsibility. No toking and driving in Canada!



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