100 funny puns, jokes, and wordplays about cannabis

Published Aug 18, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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Whether you’re looking to get a laugh out of your closest stoner friends or hoping to arm yourself with some of the best puns as a way to break the ice, this is a great place to start. Here you find funny puns, jokes, and other hilarious forms of wordplay that are sure to give you a giggle.

The best 100 weed puns

  1. Stay high-drated

  2. Keep off the grass

  3. Just doob it

  4. What do you call a stoner with two joints? Double-jointed

  5. You’ve got high expectations

  6. I’m high on pot

  7. Weed go well together

  8. Joint family

  9. What do you call a field of weed? A high ground

  10. You’re ganja have a good time

  11. Now I know my CBDs

  12. Why is a roach clip called a roach clip? Because pot holder was already spoken for

  13. I think you’re dope

  14. Weeding out the weak

  15. Pot Luck

  16. Weed out the bad

  17. The seaweed diet is when you see weed and smoke it

  18. Weed my lips

  19. THC you later

  20. A stoner who smokes too much weed is a baked potato

  21. Reefer gladness

  22. How do fish get stoned? Seaweed

  23. You’re my best bud

  24. How high are you

  25. Don’t mind us. We’re just bong-ding

  26. Just keep rolling

  27. High and dry

  28. Wanna smoke? Alpaca bowl

  29. A friend with weed is a friend indeed

  30. Welcome to the Dank side

  31. What happens when you eat marijuana? You’ll get a pot belly

  32. You toke my breath away

  33. If toking is a sin, I’ll see you all inhale

  34. High on success

  35. One toke over the line

  36. I started drinking vodka that’s infused with cannabis. It keeps me in high spirits

  37. Hail Maryjane

  38. I’m going to be blunt, you’re amazing

  39. This should definitely be a joint decision

  40. Yesterday, I mixed weed with yeast. So the plot thickens

  41. I donut wanna smoke without you

  42. Starbuds

  43. You’re un-be-weed-able

  44. Buzz kill

  45. Why so high and mighty?

  46. A man can only strain so much before he’s pushed too far

  47. Peace by the gram

  48. Bud naked

  49. Flower to the people

  50. Give and toke

  51. I don’t always roll a joint, but when I do, it’s an ankle

  52. All I weed is you

  53. Go to pot

  54. Yes, we cannabis

  55. Growing like a weed

  56. Stoned age

  57. Blunt trauma

  58. The grass ceiling

  59. Not ganja believe this

  60. When they go low, we get high

  61. High maintenance

  62. Puff piece

  63. Marijuana go out to dinner?

  64. Herbivoire

  65. It’s 420 somewhere

  66. Superbowl

  67. Living the high life

  68. I juana grow old with you

  69. Roal highness

  70. I always knew weed be best friends

  71. Insta-gram

  72. Lazy daze

  73. Terp N Tine

  74. High miss you

  75. I’m blunt because God rolled me this way

  76. Kushy jobs

  77. Buy the ounce

  78. High noon

  79. What does stoner Dracula say? I want to smoke your bud

  80. Best buds

  81. Dank dynasty

  82. What’s a stoner's favourite food? Baked beans

  83. What did the weed say when confronted by a piece of paper? I’m gonna be blunt
    with you

  84. Duber

  85. Would doobie my date

  86. Joint effort

  87. Cows were caught smoking weed and playing poker. The steaks were high

  88. BHOgart

  89. My parents stole my weed so I stole their plane tickets. I guess none of us will be getting high

  90. Your love is my drug

  91. If you missed 420, don’t worry. Just wait until 422 because it’s 420 too

  92. The name’s Bong… James Bong

  93. Infusiasm

  94. Weed the people

  95. What do you call a catholic leader that uses cannabis? A dope pope

  96. The pottail hour

  97. Weed is my love language

  98. I’m fine with alcohol and weed, but cocaine is where I draw the line

  99. You can’t spell healthcare without THC

  100. All aboard the Pineapple Express


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