10 Ways that pot shops can get in on the spooky fun this Halloween

Published Oct 16, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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With the changing of the leaves comes an eerie feeling, as ghosts, goblins, and jack-o-lanterns take over front porches and lawns everywhere. It’s a cooler time of year that has many of us excited for the spookiest holiday out there, Halloween! If you’re a true lover of the festivities, then you’re probably already planning what you’re going to do to celebrate, but this year you can expect your local dispensary to want in on the action too.

1. Halloween decorations

It isn’t really a holiday until you’re breaking out the boxes of decorations to prepare, and Halloween is one of the best ones for this because it allows everyone to get creative with themes and ideas that might not be acceptable during other times of the year. While you might expect there to be a few bats or spider webs here and there, don’t be surprised if, instead, you find something spookier than ever before awaiting your arrival at your local dispensary.

2. Spooky strains

Cannabis isn’t often associated with this fun-filled occasion, as most view it as a holiday that is more geared towards children, but you might be surprised to find out just how many cannabis strains there are that seem to fit the day perfectly. There are strains like Ghost Train Haze, Frankenstein, and Hulk, along with Witches Brew, Ghost, and Barry White, to name a few, and these along with many other Halloween themed strains, are already, very likely, on their way to a dispensary near you.

3. Halloween sales

This isn’t only of those gift-filled holidays like Christmas that leaves everyone broke by the time it’s over, but it does come with some of the same perks of the big spender dates like the discounts. Halloween sales only happen once a year because stores don’t want to keep this inventory lingering on the shelves any longer than they have to, so take advantage and watch out for big Halloween sales at pot shops in your area.

4. Online promotions

Holidays make people want to spend their money on fun things that will help to make the day all the more special, and Halloween is no different, but since it’s not ordinarily a gift-giving occasion, it’s a time where most companies focus on running online promotions that will get you thinking about them. Because of this, you should keep an eye out, because you just never know what sort of hot items or discounts you could come across from your local dispensary.

5. Holiday-themed edibles

This one for Canadians is really exciting because this is the first year that we have both Halloween and access to legally purchased edibles which makes for the perfect ghostly combination to celebrate the season. Though there haven't been any specific product announcements just yet, most of us will have the pleasure of seeing Halloween designed, cannabis-infused edibles at our dispensaries this year. Expect things like candy corn, muffins, or cookies that look like bats, and so much more.

6. Cannabis costumes


If you haven't figured out what or who you want to dress up as to celebrate this freaky holiday, then you might want to wait to see what your closest pot shop gets in stock because they will likely have the most to offer when it comes to Halloween costumes for the cannabis enthusiast. Some stores have even gone so far as to adorably stock cannabis-themed outfits for kids, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to support both your passion for weed and your dispensary at the same time.

7. Halloween parties

With COVID-19 still a lingering threat, we aren’t going to be seeing too many pot parties that include a large number of people gathering in one place, but some dispensaries are looking at the possibility of hosting a small after-hours party for their patrons to show appreciation for their continued business. It might not be as pumping or jumping as prior years, but if you’ve got one coming to a store near you, then it may be worth your time to check it out.

8. Free gifts

Dispensaries are filled to the brim with expensive cannabis products that they can’t afford to just give away for free, but now that we’ve got a holiday here, they can do things like toss a handful of candy into your order bag for you to enjoy. It might not be the big bag worth of surprises that we got as kids going door to door, but a free edible or treat is always a welcome addition to any cannabis dispensary customer, and it’s happening in some regions already.

9. Extended Halloween hours

The kids in your neighbourhood will be out trick or treating until they can’t carry any more treats, keeping them up for much of the night, binging on candy, but us adults don’t often have much to do other than getting high, and it seems that some dispensaries realize this. As a result, many dispensaries are offering seriously extended hours so that customers can stop by to pick up all of their cannabis needs to celebrate Halloween at home.

10. The power of song

Even if your dispensary doesn’t pull out all of the stops by decorating to the high heavens or offering sales, discounts and freebies, they can still get in on the holiday spirit by playing some of the most popular Halloween songs. It’s a great way to break the tension, and for most of us, hearing them brings a wave of nostalgia that might be enough to entice us back for more before it’s gone.

Whether you’re a dispensary owner who is looking for ideas on how to get more involved with your customers over holidays like Halloween, or you’re a consumer who is eagerly awaiting the offerings at your local store, this list is an excellent guide that includes ideas and actions that real dispensaries have used similarly with great success.

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