10 Reasons why you should tip your weed delivery driver

Published Jan 8, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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We live in a time that is exciting and ever-changing, and we’re some of the first to ever get to experience what it’s like to buy cannabis from the legal market. Many hope that we will also be some of the last to remember our time and money spent in the black market, but regardless of where you buy your green, chances are pretty good that you’ve been offered the special service of weed delivery.

Though we once had to venture out and hide these transactions, we can now order all of our favourite pot products from the comfort of our living rooms. Of course, not every dispensary does deliveries, but those that do are offering a brand new and unique service that is nothing like what you’re used to because the person that’s coming to your door isn’t making a huge profit off their visit.

This is a relatively unexplored job position that a lot of people don’t fully understand, but it is important to recognize just how different this one is, as weed delivery drivers are some of the least appreciated folks on the road. To highlight some of what it takes to handle this job, we’re happy to give you ten reasons why we think that you should tip your driver when they arrive.

1. They take a huge risk

Have you ever heard of your pizza delivery driver being held up for his goods? Though we don’t doubt that crazier things have happened, in general, these low-cost, fast food items aren’t worth the time of thieves who are looking for an easy payoff. Cannabis products, on the other hand, are very expensive making them a target for would-be thieves and increasing their responsibility. Here they aren’t accidentally dropping or missing a $20 pizza. Instead, it’s a $100 vial of honey oil or some other high-ticket item that can be much more painful financially to lose.

2. These cannabis jobs rarely pay well

Although many cannabis dispensaries pride themselves in maintaining a living wage, your weed delivery drivers aren’t making the same kind of money that your local drug dealer used to clear each time you bought a quarter. In fact, much like a pizza delivery gig, they are often compensated per run, or for each drop-off. Those that aren’t, are lucky to get close to minimum wage, which isn’t anywhere near enough to compensate them for things like vehicle wear and tear, or time lost due to waiting or traffic.

3. You’ll notice that your orders arrive more promptly

A lot of the time your weed delivery driver is only going to have so much power over when your order arrives. After all, they typically aren’t the same ones to pack or schedule deliveries, but if you tip well, you can be sure that your package will quickly become a top priority. They might come to you first when they’ve got a long list of stops, or they may go the extra mile and give you things like text updates once you get to know them, but either way, it makes the experience go a whole lot smoother.

4. Customer service is stressful

Even if you do the very best that you can to be a good customer by not leaving your driver to wait while you count through change, and being courteous throughout the exchange, you can almost guarantee that they haven't been so lucky with all of their other deliveries. Customer service is hard, especially in some situations where no one ends up happy, or they’re getting shade for something that they didn’t even do, so why not show your appreciation for what they do with a nice little tip?

5. The position takes skill

Grab the packages, write down the addresses, and install the GPS so that they can be delivered. Sounds pretty easy right? Except, it’s not that simple, as anyone who has ever worked with deliveries could tell you because this is one of many cannabis jobs that takes skill. Being able to juggle multiple packages, while knowing the local roads well enough to maneuver around construction zones, accidents, trains, and bad traffic isn’t something that comes easily to anyone, but they do it with a smile just to get your green to you as quickly as possible.


6. They personally handle all of your packages

Now, we aren’t going to suggest that your delivery driver is going to defile your package in some way if you don’t leave regular tips, but they are the ones who are responsible for the goods until they make it to you, and there is plenty of room for error between the time they leave the dispensary and it arriving at your door. They could be shuffled around among a day worth of orders, sitting under an open window as it rains, or exposed to some crazy temperatures and left upside down. Of course, leaving a tip doesn’t guarantee that nothing will happen, but it does put a bit of extra security if it does.

7. It will make you feel good

Leaving a tip is just as good as giving someone a compliment, and that is something that will make you genuinely feel good. Especially after taking into consideration all of the specifics that go along with the job, showing some appreciation will feel great for you and them. Since it’s really hard to do that with some conversation alone without slowing them down and costing them even more money, the easiest way to say thank you is with a fair tip for their efforts.

8. The move encourages a good work ethic

When you work, it’s great if you can love your job as many weed delivery drivers do, but in most cases, you’re there for the paycheck at the end of the week. Unfortunately, larger companies and corporations aren’t so great at handing out raises, so there is very little for new incentives along the way to keep doing better. This is where tips can come in handy because if your driver has a stellar week and offers good service and gets to bring home a bonus for doing so, then they might just have the motivation to keep it up week after week.

9. Because you probably tip virtually every other type of delivery driver

Not everyone tips, but the practice is relatively common in the western world, where many of those who work in the service industry are legally paid less than minimum wage. We tip our waitress or server at the bar, and we tip our hairdressers, nail professionals, dry cleaners, pizza delivery drivers and everyone that falls in between. Even those who are bound by rules that prohibit them from accepting tips deserve a fresh bottle of water or a tasty bag of chips for the trip, so why would you leave your weed delivery driver out of the equation?

10. It’s appreciated

Even if your driver makes good money doing deliveries, they will always appreciate an extra token of kindness and appreciation to brighten their day. It doesn’t have to be a lot, and most would never want a customer to feel as though they have to scrounge to afford a tip on top of paying for their regular order, but if you can, we can definitely guarantee that they’ll be happy that you did because it shows that you care in a simple and nearly effortless way.

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