10 Ideas for Mother's Day gifts that are made with cannabis

Published May 7, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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This gift list is full of ideas for moms who don’t necessarily like to get high, as there are so many other benefits that cannabis has to offer. These ideas are of course, perfect for stoners too, but we wanted to highlight some of the great products that you could pick up for Mother’s Day that are just as suitable for anyone on this big and exciting holiday, and these are the top ten choices that are available or easy to make right now, in 2020.

1. Raw smoothies

Did you know that if you eat a raw cannabis bud, it won’t actually get you high? This wonderful built-in feature means that you can enjoy some of the more natural health benefits through eating it combined with some of all your favorite food, and one of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is with things like smoothies. So why not try to whip up a delicious drink for mom, to give her a natural boost that will last for the entire day.

2. THC bath bombs

Bath bombs are all the rave this past year, especially now that we have so many artistic companies who have designed small works of art that can create an intoxicating display of colors and patterns as you relax. These things are great on a normal day, and usually offers an amazing smell and are appealing to the eyes, which is why we highly suggest giving your mom some THC bath bombs. You can even make them yourself so that you can control the colors, ingredients, and effects, and adjust the potency to provide more intense relief in the areas that need it most.

3. Jewelry

The cannabis plant is a thing of beauty, which is why some of the biggest and most successful jewelry makers have made a fortune off its patterns and designs. Sure, it might not be reasonable to expect mom to wear a giant pot leaf when she doesn’t smoke it, but there are other options like rings with encased cannabis seeds or grind inside of gems, or the more elegant THC molecule necklace that most would never know have anything to do with weed. You might be surprised to learn that cannabis jewelry has been taken to new heights, now that legalization and a general acceptance of its existence are commonplace.

4. Soothing creams

Every mom struggles with things like rough skin patches or wrinkles, as they tend to come with the stress that parenting brings, but that’s ok because this year you could make it up to her with one of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever, a cannabinoid-infused cream. Though the cannabinoids are activated in these elusive cannabis goods, the skin stops them from entering into the bloodstream, so your mom can enjoy a tingly full-body sense of relaxation and relieving spot treatment without the head buzz to go with it. Since they are hard to find, you might have to make some yourself, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor that any mother would love.

5. CBD coffee

Most moms rely on a consistent dose of caffeine to get them through the day, and Mother’s Day is no different. Even though she should be sitting back and relaxing on this special occasion, she’s still going to need a ‘pick me up’ to get her through the day, and what better way to give her that than investing in some high-quality CBD infused coffee grinds? The CBD inside of this coffee won’t get her stoned, but it will leave her feeling relaxed and energized for as long as it lasts, so grab a big bag to gift this year because she’s worth it.


6. A cannabis plant

Even if your mom doesn’t like to toke, she likely adores bringing things to life, so if you’ve got a mother who loves to show off her gardening skills, then you may want to consider gifting her a freshly sprouted cannabis plant. It will start out small and green and eventually evolve into a beautiful flowering masterpiece that will brighten up any space. Then once it’s fully grown, thanks to all of her love and dedication, she will have some on hand to give you, which makes it the gift that truly keeps on giving way beyond Mother’s Day.

  1. Weed manicure

Sometimes we just need something to do on Mother’s day, after all, your presence is a gift that cannot be bought, and during times like these, one of the best ideas out there is to spend that time pampering her with a beautiful weed manicure. You can let her choose any colors or gems that she likes, and then use tiny cannabis leaves of freshly ground kief, to give the tips a natural shine that will last for days on end. Don’t worry, they won’t even smell like cannabis, they just look really pretty, and if you’ve got some trimming on hand, then it’s an affordable gift too.

8. Cookbooks

There are always edibles cookbooks that can make excellent gifts for mom, but if your mom doesn’t like to get high, then they won’t be ideal for her, and that’s when raw cannabis cookbooks come in. This will give your mom all kinds of new ideas for sweet treats and healthy meal ideas that are filled to the brim with those natural cannabis juices, which help to boost the immune system and soothe the soul. It does, however, mean that she might suddenly need a hookup, so you may also want to throw in a cannabis plant, just to be sure that she’s covered.

9. CBD Tincture

If your mom doesn’t necessarily love the idea of getting high but enjoys the occasional drink of alcohol, then CBD tincture might be perfect for her. She can take a few drops under the tongue as a quick pick me up throughout the day or combine it with some of her favorite drinks to add a little extra flavor and power to them. No matter how it’s used, CBD tincture works quickly and efficiently to deliver the all-natural benefits of CBD with the psychoactive effects of THC.

10. A weed bouquet

Cannabis flowers are one of the most beautiful things in the world, and the best part about it is when you take dried branches and form them into a bouquet, they will last for several weeks long without any water necessary. That’s right! You can arrange them into the perfect bundle, accent the colors with her favorite flowers, and then tie it all together in a bow, and within minutes you’ll have a ready-made gift that is absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day is a pretty big deal in the cannabis industry


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