10 Great ways to spend the civic holiday with marijuana

Published Jul 18, 2019 01:48 p.m. ET
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August is quickly approaching, and it is almost time for most of us in Canada to enjoy a hard-earned day off. The trouble is, it falls on a Monday, and since most stores will be closed, and there aren’t many public celebrations to take in, it can be challenging to find something exciting to do. What’s worse, is trying to find something compatible with the effects of marijuana, that will also allow for smoking it. Though it is now legal in Canada to enjoy smoking marijuana in all the same places that tobacco consumers do, those spaces are few and far between. So, where do you go for an exciting day without having to give up toking for the day? Well, we’ve got your back with this list of ten excellent ideas for what to do this civic holiday.

1. Go camping

Whether you enjoy smoking marijuana or prefer to wolf down your fair share of edibles, camping is an excellent way to let loose completely. Though only one day isn’t going to cut it with work in the morning, you can make a long weekend out of it and enjoy the outdoors for three whole days instead of the usual two, without cutting into holiday pay. For nature lovers, there is nothing more relaxing than taking some hits of a fat blunt beside a warm fire on a gorgeous summer’s night.

2. Attend a firework show (or throw one of your own)

This day is not one that is openly celebrated by many people, despite its status as a statutory holiday, so you aren’t going to find small fireworks shows just anywhere like what is seen on Victoria or Canada day. However, there are a few massive displays planned by frequent tourist destinations right around the country. Two of the largest ones that are expected so far are scheduled for Niagara Falls, and Canada’s Wonderland, where you can take in several other incredible sights like the falls or huge roller coasters while you await the show. Pack up some marijuana edibles or find a beautiful area with a view that is perfect for smoking.

3. Host a BBQ

One of the most widely known side effects of marijuana is a hard case of the munchies, and nothing fills an empty stomach better than some hot grilled burgers or steaks with a few of your closest pals. All you need is one or two people that you enjoy hanging out with, some burgers, buns, and of course, you can’t forget the joints. Just remember to remind your guests that it’s BYOW (bring your own weed), and keep the fridge stocked with some ice-cold drinks like water and juice that will provide a boost of energy while everyone is spending so much time under the sun.

4. Catch a movie at the drive-in

Yes, they do still exist, though you might have to travel to your closest big city to find one. You get to pull up in your own vehicle and set the radio which gives you complete and total sound control, but that isn’t even the best part. Most of these old-timey places offer the same greasy foods that other, more expensive theaters serve, and you don’t have to leave your seats to be continually smoking marijuana. As long as you remain respectful and keep the toking either inside your car or just outside of it, no one will say a word.

5. Stargazing

This pastime is rarely done anymore, as society quickens, there is just so much less time available to take a moment to look up and take in the impressive scenery that is outer space. You can be smoking marijuana while trying to locate Orion’s Belt, distant satellites, and shooting stars. Did you know that most stars that we see at night are already dead? The light takes so long to travel that we get to enjoy the view well beyond this distant space rocks life span.

6. Throw a cannabis party


You are not a real cannabis enthusiast until you throw your own cannabis party, and the civic holiday is just as good as any other to do it on. Unlike alcohol, the effects of marijuana are short-lived, so you and all your guests will be right as rain come Tuesday morning when it’s time to go to work. Set up a joint rolling station, feature cannabis related games and activities, and get to work making as many marijuana edibles as your heart desired. Just remember, cannabis use does impair you, so it’s also a good idea to help your friends with planning ahead for a ride home.

7. Gather some buds for a round or two of your favorite sports

One of the great things about legalization in Canada is that we can be smoking marijuana anywhere that tobacco smokers can. This means that most public areas that fall within our current cigarette smoking regulations (i.e., ten feet away from any building, playground, or sports facility), can also be utilized by anyone who wants to vape or smoke a joint. The biggest thing to remember is to stay at least 20 meters from playgrounds, ten feet from buildings, and 20 meters from sports facilities and or equipment. What that means is you might have to take a slight wander to toke, but there is no longer any reason to hide what you are doing. Though some types might sedate you, the best marijuana strains for this activity will be energetic, focused, and relaxed.

8. Have a picnic

Looking for the perfect place to dig into some marijuana edibles this civic holiday? Then why not head to your local park or conservation area with a cannabis-infused lunch, where you can stretch out your favorite blanket, and take in the natural beauty of the great outdoors while enjoying a meal. Even if you don’t like marijuana edibles, smoking weed does tend to stimulate a good appetite, so a basket full of munchies under a shade tree and a vape or weed pipe in hand can feel just like heaven to any outdoor loving cannabis enthusiast.

9. Hike some trails

Though it might be a good idea to pack a compass and a map, smoking marijuana while hiking some new and exciting trails almost always leads to some sort of adventure. Whether it’s getting lost with your best pals, or quietly navigating the way alone while bird watching and taking a moment to truly appreciate what nature has to offer. This is precisely where you want to be if you enjoy some alone time paired with the ever-changing bird songs and other neat creature noises and sightings that Canada is so widely known for.

10. A day at the beach

The best part about the civic holiday is that it falls during the first week of August, so the weather is almost always perfect for a dip in one of Canada’s great lakes. These water masses are so large that they are cold no matter what time of year you visit. So, take a swim by visiting one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches that this great country has to offer, and enjoy either smoking or marijuana edibles, as the majority of our large sandy areas allow the public consumption of both. However just to be sure, we highly recommend you check out your local hot spots rules and regulations before heading out, as some private beaches are an exception to this rule.

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