10 Great ways to save money on cannabis

Published Mar 17, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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The cannabis life is good but it can also be a little bit expensive to maintain especially once you take into account the price of accessories, storage containers, tools, devices, and the products you know and love. There’s no denying how fast it can all add up however there are some things you can do to make it a bit more affordable, and we’ve got the low down on how to get the job done, on a budget.

1. Grow it

The very best way to save money on weed is to grow it yourself, which can be done for nearly free if you’ve got a friend with a few seeds to gift. Even if you were to splurge and buy a few lights which will take a small amount of electricity, the payoff at the end of it all will still be more than worth it.

2. Stretch it

This suggestion isn’t for everyone, as it does mean you’ll be consuming slightly less cannabis which may or may not be sufficient, but if you’re down to give it a shot, mixing your weed with tobacco or other herbs can really help to make a bag last longer.

3. Price compare

Every dispensary has the ability to choose a final price tag for cannabis products, so some stores might offer a better deal if you’re willing to put in the effort to compare costs. Luckily, there’s a tool from Weedpanion that makes the whole process really easy!

4. Bulk buying

Of course, every consumer is limited in terms of restrictions on maximum purchases, but the general rule of thumb in this and any other industry is that it’s almost always going to be cheaper in the long run to buy larger amounts.

5. Go for budget brands

Budget cannabis brands are created with the financially savvy enthusiast in mind, to deliver quality and quantity for lower prices than the competitors. The packages might not be as colorful and there may not be a whole lot of advertising to let you know they exist, but the hunt for the best ones always pays off.

6. Use all available discounts

You might not know it but there are all kinds of incredible discounts out there for certain consumers, and some may apply to your purchases if you’re eligible. Seniors discounts, members-only rates, and a percentage off for students are just a few of the most common ones we’ve come across. So even if you don’t see them advertised, be sure to ask!

7. Save on shipping and delivery fees

Most cannabis stores these days offer some type of delivery be it long-distance shipping or front door same day service, and this luxury is almost sure to add a few extra dollars to your bill. However, most are willing to do it for free as long as you’re willing to spend a certain amount of money on a single purchase.

8. Stock up during sales

Sales on cannabis products are rare indeed, but when they do happen consumers should take full advantage of the savings, by stocking up as much as possible because you just never know when a deal will happen again.

9. Cut back

Though no cannabis lover is going to want to hear this, one of the best ways to save money is by simply cutting back on the amount you use. This can be accomplished by dividing a purchase into several portions to ensure it lasts a whole week or longer, or by consciously deciding to use less each day.

10. Get the biggest bang for your buck

Another excellent tip is to search for cannabis products that are stronger, which should theoretically make them last a little longer, in turn saving you money!

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