10 Fun things to do on 420

Published Apr 18, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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April 20th is a holiday that’s dedicated to celebrating all things cannabis-related and many enthusiasts anticipate its arrival as they plan a day filled with moments that will create enough memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re flying solo or ringing in the holiday with a group of friends, there are many great things you can do from exciting outdoor adventures to more creative pursuits, and here we’ll gloss over some simple ideas to get you started.

Throw a party

This idea probably doesn’t have to be here but just in case we wanted to mention what a blast hosting a 420 party can be. Send invitations to all of your best stoner friends, break out the salty snacks, and stock up on all of your favorite strains to keep your guests buzzing. You could play some games, take in some nature by hitting a few trails, watch a hilarious movie, or have an impromptu jam session in your living room.

No matter what you do, your guests are sure to have a high time they’ll never forget!

Buy tickets to a cannabis-friendly event

Perhaps you’re seeking activities that feel a bit more festive than the average pot party. In that case, now is the time to search for information on cannabis-friendly events that are planned in your area. Most big cities are home to festivals, concerts, and other events designed to entice cannabis lovers. Just be sure to do some diligent research to avoid gatherings that might not be safe or legal.

Spark your creativity with help from cannabis

Cannabis is a powerful tool that’s great for getting those creative juices flowing, so why not set up some paint and a canvas, or reach for a good pack of pencil crayons and a coloring book? You could also try other more intricate creative pursuits like photography or writing with help from strains like Michka, Tangie, Silver Haze, Skunk Dream, or Purple Haze.

Go on an outdoor adventure

For the outdoorsy cannabis enthusiast now is the perfect time to bring your love for the plant back to nature with an outdoor experience. You might love a challenging hike, a brisk bike ride, or even the simplest of picnics at a local green space or park. As long as you stay hydrated and do your best to be respectful of local laws and others in the area, it’s sure to be a great time.

Try a  brand new cannabis product on for size

If anytime is the right time to see what else the market holds in store for you, it’s on 420. Whether you’ve been meaning to try a new strain or some exotic product, or you’re really looking forward to a first time experimenting with edibles or you’re dying to test out a cool device you’ve never used, this could be the day you experience something that changes your relationship with cannabis forever.

So take a chance and indulge in one or two of the things you’ve only dreamt about.

Relax with meditation or yoga

Cannabis enhances all kinds of different experiences and there’s even scientific evidence to show how well it complements relaxing techniques such as meditation or yoga. It’s possible for anyone to get lost in the soothing motions (or lack thereof) even if you don’t feel like dishing out your hard-earned cash for a professional lesson and space.

Just clear some room, light a few candles, warm up with some deep breaths, consume a small amount of cannabis, and then get lost in bliss while following along with a YouTube video.

Learn all there is to know about cannabis history

Most cannabis lovers know the basics of the plant, but when it comes to the real history of the culture and practice very few are privy to the facts. This is unfortunate since it’s a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with the past, present, and future of the industry, while also developing a deeper connection with others who are passionate about supporting it.

That’s why this 420 we’re encouraging all enthusiasts to learn more about the truth about prohibition, the realities of the activism it took to get this far, and the science behind how cannabis interacts with the body and mind.

Have a soothing spa day

With so many therapeutic choices out there at affordable prices there’s no reason not to pamper yourself a little bit as you wind down from all of the 420 festivities. Plan a whole cannabis-infused spa sesh complete with a relaxing bath bomb, oils, lotions, and some soothing music. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Give back to the cannabis community

Yes cannabis is legal in most places, and that alone is more than enough reason to celebrate, but there’s still so much work to do before the industry and market properly reflect the values of most enthusiasts. This 420 you may want to think about volunteering for cannabis-related causes, or organizations that promote anything from legalization to education and unbiased scientific research.

If that sounds like too much time and energy you can still do your part by offering a donation to one of the aforementioned trailblazing groups. For those who really want to inspire change with this small gesture, it’s best to pick one that aligns with your core beliefs and values.

Spend quality time with friends and loved ones

Last but not least 420 is a good day to spend some time with your closest friends and loved ones. Whether you’re partaking in cannabis together, trying to change a few minds, or merely enjoying each other's company, prioritizing these social connections will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Other ideas

Just in case this list didn’t quite hit the mark, we wanted to highlight a few other simple ideas to celebrate the holiday. Remember these days the possibilities really are endless, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your plans.

  • Clean those devices
  • Start a seedling
  • Plan a cannabis competition
  • Watch a good stoner comedy
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