10 Discreet places to hide marijuana products at home

Published Apr 7, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET

For many of us, our housing situation means that we have to share close living quarters with someone else. Whether those people are close to us like children or a spouse, or a little more distant like a roommate, you may find yourself in need of some unique stash spots for your marijuana products to keep them safe from theft or accidental consumption. To help you out, here’s a little inspiration, in the form of 10 neat hiding ideas for marijuana edibles and other products.

1. Deodorant Stick

Everyone uses deodorant of some kind, and it doesn’t matter which band they will all have a hollow compartment inside. It may take a bit of cleaning but the lingering scent that is left over from the stick will mask the pungent weed smell quite well, and no one should ever guess that you would hide your stash there.

2. Books

A tale as old as time; this old-fashioned way of storing weed has been used for years by many people to hide all sorts of neat things. Some older paperbacks will have a hollow binding and if you don’t have any or that space isn’t large enough for your marijuana products then you have the option of taking a sharp knife and carving out a hole in the center of the pages. Books are one of the few places that no one ever checks for things. You would be surprised how many personal items are donated every year this way unbeknownst to the donator.

3. Coffee can

Coffee is a great weed leaf stash spot, especially if you are a parent. The fresh grounds have such a strong aroma that it will mask the scent of any kind of marijuana products and can easily be kept up high and out of reach from curious children.

4. Pill bottle

Medications tend to come in small and sealable moisture resistant bottles that are perfect for discreetly holding weed leaf or tablets. Keep it hidden in an underwear or sock drawer or a night table instead of the medicine cabinet though to keep heat and light exposure to a minimum.

5. Mint box

Mint boxes are just one example of an easy and secretive marijuana product container. They are small and restrictive but excellent for buds. If you need something a bit larger consider a cigarette pack, plastic gum package, spice container, wipes holder, or any other type of storage option that comes pre-equipped with wrapping or labels to make anyone who might see it think that the contents are no more than the outside says they are.


6. Diversion can

Diversion cans can be purchased through OCS, local head shops, or dispensaries and tend to cost around $10. They are some of the neatest cannabis storage inventions, especially for those who used marijuana products before legalization. At first glance, they will appear like any other can, and if you pick one up to shake it, the can will feel like it is full of liquid and be difficult to tell apart from a regular pop can. Marijuana edibles or bud can be placed inside a completely smell and waterproof container which is perfect for anyone on the go.

7. Electronics

Old electronics are a great way to store marijuana products as discreetly as possible. If you have an old school telephone, coo coo clock, radio, or any other reasonable sized nonfunctional or otherwise electronic lying around, it’s as easy an emptying the contents and replacing them with your weed stash. Then it can be hung or displayed as usual, and no one will ever be the wiser.

8. Video games & movie cases

Most of us have at least one or two DVD’s or CD’s that no longer work. It’s time to turn the case into something functional instead of just taking up space. Thisworks best with small amounts of weed leaf, bud, or small tools like scissors or papers. Simply clip shut, slide back into the shelf full of regular movies and sit back and relax knowing that your marijuana product is safe and sound.

9. Secret pockets

Ever reach into a coat, sweater, shirt, or even a pocket to find a hidden and discreet pocket inside? This is a common feature especially amongst women’s clothes as they are meant to hold a small amount of change, lipstick, or tube of hand cream. They can usually carry a few grams of weed leaf along with a pack of papers to go at a time without you having to worry about it falling out of a regular pocket by accident while searching for your keys.

10. Closet

When most people think of good or typicalstash spots, it brings to mind places that you would normally keep items of value like safes, jewelry boxes, or purses which is why those are some of the worst and most obvious spots to hide marijuana products. Instead, find the least accessible garment of clothing you have in your closet and place your cannabis or marijuana edibles in a pocket. Slide everything right back into place, and no one will ever know that your regular old boring closet holds a stash of infused treats.



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