10 Cannabis-themed New Year's resolutions we can get behind

Published Dec 27, 2022 02:00 p.m. ET
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With the season best known for indulging now behind us, it’s an excellent time to start thinking about what we’d like to achieve next year. It’s not uncommon to set goals by making New Year’s resolutions, and most choose to aim high by promising themselves they’ll work out every single day, lose 20 pounds, or score that big promotion that’s up for grabs at work. What you don’t see very often, is a list of New Year’s resolutions pertaining to cannabis.

These goals will be way easier to achieve, and you’re guaranteed to have a bit of fun along the way.

1. Try a new cultivar

There’s nothing better than experiencing all that a brand-new cultivar has to offer, and that is especially true when it boasts some of your favourite qualities, like a certain taste or potency. So, why not make it a personal challenge to try one new strain every month? You’ll be oh so happy you did!

2. Test out a new product

New cultivars are fun, but with a whole marketplace full of exotic innovative, new products, why not go the extra mile by experiencing something, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before? Maybe you’ve never had the pleasure of puffing away on a moon rocket, or you might not have built up the courage to try edibles. There is no time like the present, so make your dreams come alive by reaching for something new.

3. Take an exciting device for a test run

Even the most experienced enthusiasts have yet to try every single device that’s out there, and that is especially true now that innovative, new companies have the ability to create, advertise, and sell their wares. So why not take a look and see what is out there? Whether it’s something more primitive like hot knives or one that’s more modern like a volcano, the endeavour will be both educational and fun.

4. Toke somewhere scenic

Far too many lovers of cannabis never take their sesh much farther than their front porch, and that’s a shame because it truly can help to enhance any experience. So, why not take advantage of that, and seek out somewhere scenic like a mountain top, or your favourite trail for your next sesh?

5. Stay in a hotbox for as long as possible

Hotboxing isn’t just a thing for young people contrary to popular belief. Though it might not be for everything, this exercise intolerance can let you know exactly how much you can take before going over the edge. It’s fun, and competitive when it’s done with a bunch of friends, and you might be surprised to learn how long you can stay in, even without prior experience.

6. Break a weed record


If you’ve got high hopes, motivation, and the drive to one-up the best of the best in the cannabis community, then this idea is for you! There are many world records for different cannabis challenges and even more that have yet to be officiated, and your name could be the next one that goes down in history if you succeed.

7. Share a spliff with someone new

We all have our good old reliable circle of stoner friends, but when was the last time you added someone new to your circle? It’s too easy to fall into old patterns when there are so many wonderful potential friendships that could blossom if only someone took the first step. So why not take a leap, and find someone new to toke with?

8. Attend at least one cannabis party

Pot parties are one great way to meet other like-minded individuals, and since they all focus on something you love anyway, there’s really no reason not to go to at least one. You’ll never know. You could be pleasantly surprised by how incredible this experience can be for all those involved, from attendees to entertainers and everyone in between.

9. Set a good example for other cannabis consumers

This challenge is easy to accomplish, as long as you’re willing to be responsible. The media loves to portray stoners as lazy, unmotivated, jobless types that don’t succeed, and your job for this next year could be simply proving them all wrong, by setting a good example. Put your best foot forward and help to show the naysayers just how wrong they really are.

10. Teach someone something new about cannabis

There is no better gift you can give than sharing the wealth of knowledge you’ve acquired in regard to this highly sensationalized and stereotyped plant. So spread the love, and the information, all with someone else who might benefit from the exchange.

Good luck reaching your goals. We hope you have a Happy New Year!

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