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Published Jan 31, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Edibles are making a significant mark in the cannabis industry, and there are so many companies that are starting to make some very delectable chocolates. You simply can’t get much better than a chocolate bar infused with cannabis to quell all of your chocolate lover needs, and to help you to find them, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best cannabis-infused chocolate makers in the world.

We all know that if one company is making chocolate, many others are going to try to compete with better quality products, and that makes things even better for the consumer. Chocolate is a great way to say I love you, and with Valentine's day around the corner, these lovely cannabis-infused chocolates are going to be flying off the shelves.


Bonbons are satisfying, and they have very few ingredients that are packed full with the greatness that you would expect from a cream-filled hunk of love. They have great flavor and an excellent high that comes with it. This brand allows you to choose between Indica or Sativa and you can find them in California.


With a sweet, crisp, citrus, or toasty undertone, these chocolate bars are going to have you wanting more. The packaging is delightful to the eyes and the contents include chocolate that’s been boldly infused with cannabis and a THC count of 100mg each bar. You will have a most enchantingly artful experience with these edibles.

Coda Signature

If you happen to visit Colorado, you must try these lovely chocolates. They are an excellent gourmet experience. With the option of hot chocolate, you can't wrong, and you can choose from chocolates chocolate bars and hot chocolate. The chocolates are a lovely truffle with great flavors and a nice elevated feeling. Big thumbs up for Coda Signature.,


In Oakland, California, on a 40,0000 square foot facility, you will find some of the world's most delectable chocolates. This company prides itself on quality made from only the world's finest Belgium chocolate and some of the finest high-quality cannabis in California. You can choose from white, milk, dark, and extra dark chocolate made with a pure cannabis extract, and they are amazingly delicious.

Canopy Growth & Tweed

Smith Falls is pumping out some pretty fantastic chocolate as well as many other edibles and drinks. They are creating some very exquisite treats made with cannabis. In the Hershey’s facility, some great products are being made using only the finest ingredients available to make it happen.



This company makes chocolate that has been crafted to please. The decedent bars have only three ingredients, including cane sugar, cocoa butter and cannabis oil. They bring you a lovely mix of cherry and lavender notes and it is a great combination that will tickle your taste buds.

Marigold Sweets Co.

Coco Nut Carmel all organic irresistible chocolate treats are dipped in layers of organic chocolate and topped off with a little salt. Oh, so good! These treats are a need to try, and you will not be disappointed. Marigold Sweets go well with tea or coffee.

Proper Chocolate

Mint and chocolate. That alone says it all because it’s a great mix of flavors with chocolate swirl and a creamy mint filling. Peppermint patties are a chocolate lovers dream come true. Be sure to put these beauties on your chocolate to try list, and if you want to grab some, then you’ll need to know that right now you can only find them in Washington.


Chocolate in the shape of gemstones. Oh yeah, beauty and sweetness all in one, how awesome! You can choose the experience you are looking for with four different types. Go for energy for during the day, midnight for sleep, pause for calm and high love for a great feeling of sensuality. It’s must-try list of edibles that can be found in Colorado.

To whom it may concern

This is one excellent chocolate experience from the beautiful packaging to the meticulously picked ingredients. You can enjoy a Bon Bon or a Truffle, and either way, you will be going back for more. They also come with several different dosing amounts, so if you are trying this cannabis-infused chocolate, you can start with a low dose and have a delightful and controlled experience. You can find these ones in California.

Marijuana edibles are an excellent way for people to medicate, especially if you are not into the idea smoking weed. There are some fantastic chocolates available on the market, all with various options so that you can find a dosage that works best for you. They can be purchased at a lot of these online and in-store dispensaries, so please do go and try some of the theses great chocolates. We promise that you will be ever so happy that you did.

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