Why you won’t find beverages from Canopy Growth at dispensaries

Published Feb 9, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Some cannabis 2.0 products are still awaiting release, and people are not so happy about that at all. This major company is just not ready because they want to be sure the product is of the highest quality. It may be frustrating to some, but we like to look at it as patience is a virtue, and when we do get to taste the lovely cannabis-infused products, it is going to be outstandingly incredible.

They initially had set a date for January to have the beverage line on shelves, and there still has not been a revised date as of yet. Probably to avoid disappointing the awaiting consumers. Canopy Growth is one of the best companies out there, so don’t fret. The beloved beverage line will appear as soon as they get it all sorted out. They have an extensive facility that has just been expanded, so that takes time and patience to get up and running. You can guarantee that they are working like little bees to perfect things for your enjoyment.

Cannabis stocks

There is no concern that this delay will affect the stock market as they are one of the leading stocks around, even though they did have two downgrades this fiscal year. The sales are still doing good, and they also have a large volume of other products that are not having any problem selling. Like all companies, consumer demand is of the most important, so you know that this was not a very easy decision to make on their part.

We do believe that when they do launch the beverage line, the surge in sales will probably be phenomenal, stocks will flourish, and investors will be grinning from ear to ear. As we all know, a lot of the investors are frowning on the delay, and the company gets that. The thing is, timing is everything, and they would much rather disappoint now and leave everyone happy later on. In Smith falls, they keep working and perfecting their products with the help of their shareholders. The Constellation Brand is doing its best to bring forth a product that will satisfy.

We are hoping to hear of a new date in mid-February, and with any luck, it will be good news. Most have faith that Canopy has just a few hiccups to tend to, and that they did not spend all of that revenue not to have a product. We have full confidence it is going to be a grand launch when it does happen, and we can all have a great taste of the long-awaited goodness.


The beverages we await

House Plant, Grapefruit, Bean Bud, Deep Space, Pineapple, Tonic Water, Quatreau, Cucumber and Mint. Those all sound like some very refreshing beverages and a few beautiful chocolates. It goes without saying that this is going to be feeling like a long drawn out wait, but be assured that once they hit the shelves, those thoughts will dissipate quickly. For the stoner, there are some excellent THC beverages, and for those that want a little pain relief, there are also CBD beverages. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

As of now, there are some great edibles available at the Ontario Cannabis Store, but products are limited and seem to be selling out very fast. We can hardly wait to have some reviews regarding Canopy Growth's 2.0 liquid marijuana drinks, so sit tight and know that very soon we will be enjoying access to beverages that are straight from Smith Falls.

Canadian cannabis companies arent quite ready to sell edibles


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