Why you should avoid cannabis dispensaries that scan personal ID

Published Jan 5, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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One of the biggest concerns when cannabis became legal, is because the federal government did not want marijuana to be in the hands of children and our youth. So when it comes to the dispensaries, they are very strict about verified identifications. When you think of going to get your stash from your local dispensary, remember your ID and know that they may want to scan it as well.

The reason behind scanning your ID is so no that one can use a fake ID. The scanner immediately recognizes if you are using a fake ID or not, thus making things move a little quicker and avoiding human error. Question is what kind of risk is there when someone scans ID. They may ask if you would like to create a profile, and that means your information will be stored for future purchases. That is only if you agree to have your data stored. Like most business owners, they do take the proper precautions to make sure your information is protected.

Not all recreational dispensaries scan your personal information. Most times, when you walk in, you are asked to show your ID just like at a bar or a liquor /beer store. Recreational dispensaries are tested as well just like the beer store, lotto, ciguatera they do send secret shoppers in to make sure they are on the Identification laws; if not, they can face hefty fines and or be closed down.

Where is your information stored?

Do not worry. There is no federal database that stores your information when you show ID at a dispensary. It is kept much like anywhere else that stores info in a computer with plenty of encryption to ensure your privacy and theirs, you need to remember they do not want to have their systems hacked either! As it would be very detrimental to them as well as you.

Do be mindful


You are almost always guaranteed to be on camera inside and outside of a dispensary. This is purely for their safety and yours. The footage of these cameras are rarely watched unless needed for example a robbery or some crime around the facility this isn’t only at pot shops it is everywhere anywhere you go there is bound to be a camera and most of them for those just in case basis, allowing authorities to look back on.


So if you are going into a dispensary and it is your regular place that you go for your stash . The choice is always yours to have a profile or not. It is all about your comfort level with the establishment. Always trust your gut. If you feel there is anything shady going on, say no! And know they cannot keep info unless you approve. If you are checking out a new place, just show ID and be sure to let them know if you want a profile for your next visit, whether they ask or not.

Anytime it comes to sensitive information, and you should always keep your wits about you.Let us face it; we live in a world that isn’t always fair and or straight forward. All in all, theses licensed dispensaries are on the up and up, so don’t allow your experience to become a stressful one . Enjoy, and have some fun!

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