Why THC gummies are still the most popular edible on the market today

Published Feb 24, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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We’ve gone from weed brownies all the way up to the most delicious meals that are completely infused with cannabis, taking the experience to a more evolved place full of choices to suit every palette. You can get every types of cannabis edibles from your favourite flavor of juice to a whole salad, cake, or turkey, and yet still, somehow, THC gummies are at the top of every chart as far as popularity. They don’t taste like the gummy bears we know and love, and they certainly don’t boast much for flair or luxury, but THC gummies do have a lot of positive things to offer consumers and processors.

They’re really easy to make

Cannabis edibles are a tricky sort because the different consistencies and temperature requirements can make it really challenging to preserve the cannabinoids and to produce a product that is evenly infused. THC gummies are really simple to make, as they only need heat once for a very short time; just enough to fully dissolve the gelatin, which is ideal for cooks who want to preserve potency.

Affordability for both consumer and maker

Some recipes for edibles require upwards of 10 or more ingredients, with many of them more expensive to obtain or difficult to store. THC gummies on the other hand, only take a handful of basics that are shelf-stable, making them one of the cheapest to both buy and make in bulk. We may crave fancy things, but when it comes down to it, the lower price point nearly always wins.

Simple dosing

If you were to buy a full cake, a bag of cotton candy, or a high dosed cookie, it would be really hard to portion out yourself in an effective way that would deliver the perfect number of cannabinoids every time. Luckily, THC edibles take all of the guesswork out of the process by being really easy to measure, divide, and consume separately, making it so much easier to find the best dose.


Cannabis edibles of all sorts are pretty easy to enjoy when you’re at home in a comfortable kitchen where things like cold storage are reasonable options, but when you’re on the move all of the time, that box of weed chocolate will melt, and most baked goods would barely be recognizable after a day out in the sun. THC gummies only require average room temperatures to stay whole, and they’re virtually un-squishable, making them so much more convenient.

Shelf life

Meat-based cannabis edibles can last for at most 3 days in the fridge before they have to be tossed, and baked goods aren’t all that much better at holding up to the test of time. They rot, mold, flatten, and generally just aren’t made with enough preservatives to stay good forever. THC gummies, however, will last for weeks and even months and they’ll still taste and work just as well as when they were popped from their molds, and that’s pretty amazing.


For all of the reasons listed above and perhaps a few that we’ve missed, THC gummies remain the most popular and widely accessible cannabis edibles on the market today. When they are everywhere, it’s really hard not to try at least one, which eventually leads to repeated purchases based on past experience. There are hundreds of different types of these gelatin treats out there, so they’re a reliable find at just about any dispensary.

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