Why now is the perfect time to invest in US cannabis stocks

Published Sep 28, 2021 11:30 a.m. ET
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A lot of the media focuses on Canadian cannabis because it’s the one country with rules that are consistent, easy to understand, and applied evenly across the board, but investors who want to make big money are much more likely to succeed by purchasing cannabis or hemp stocks in US-based companies. Though it might not seem like a sure bet with federal legalization still just out of reach, we’re going to shine some light on five reasons why US pot stocks is a worthwhile endeavor, as long as you make your move right now.

1. An established history

Only some states have enacted some form of legalization to allow the sale and consumption of cannabis in the US, but many of those that have also boast a significant well-recorded history that’s easy to take a look at. There are many American herb businesses that have been in action for several years or more, showing that they can bring in the money, even with strict regulations and rules that are state-specific. Some of them make a small fortune each and every year, which should really make you consider buying their cannabis stocks.

2. The price is right

The United States might still consider weed to be illegal at the federal level, but that hasn’t stopped numerous cannabis start-ups from putting the wheels in motion to join the industry. Unfortunately, state-wide limits make it difficult to conduct business, and to get a name out, which is why these pot stocks are some of the cheapest around, making them an ideal option for investors of all different economic backgrounds.

3. The US cannabis industry is already worth more than any other country

US cannabis stocks are an investment with history and a low price, and that might sound too good to be true, as well as somewhat limiting because most have reached peak functionality under current circumstances, which means that it’s going to be hard for them to make more money in the future than they have in the past. Luckily, federal legalization is on the horizon, and once it’s enacted, the world will open up, and US cannabis businesses will flourish.


4. Federal legalization is around the corner

A lot of investors look to Canadian cannabis stocks as an example of the limits green businesses must work within, often coming at a cost financially for the first few years, with meager increases to follow, but that’s only because we have yet to see a global or even multi-country industry, and all of that is about to change. Once cannabis is legal in the United States, which shares a border with Canada, we’re going to witness exponential growth and reach, the like of which have never been seen in history.

5. Returns should come quickly

Cannabis and hemp stocks are pretty cheap to pick up right now, with many costing only pennies for what could eventually turn into significant profits. Investors in Canadian weed have had to wait years, with many still hoping today for a return on their money, but that’s not likely to happen with US cannabis which is already quite well established. Once those doors of legalization are open, the cash will flow into these central businesses, and those who take a leap now will be able to benefit greatly from doing so.

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