Why Cronos stock is an excellent choice for long term cannabis investors

Published Jun 3, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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If you are a stout supporter of cannabis and the weed stocks generated from the plant, then perhaps you have faith in the Cronos stock as a long term investor's dream. Cronos is not to be forgotten in the cannabis space, and today we're going to take a peek at why Cronos should not be overlooked.


Cronos has a management team that has goals that include being an established, valuable international cannabis company. The mission of the Cronos company is to improve lives through the use of cannabinoid innovation. Cronos is one of the safer cannabis investments, mostly due to their relationship with Altria Group. The tobacco giant has bottomless pockets and has offered stability that is perhaps not available for the other pot stocks on the market.

Stability or maturity?

The use of creative digital marketing is the forward motion that the Cronos company is engaging in with consumers and stakeholders, ensuring them they are in for the long haul. Products continue to progress, and R&D projects are still moving forward.

The growth in the Canadian adult-use market and the Redwood acquisition are partially responsible for the positive outlook for Cronos stocks today. The first quarter saw Cronos Group roll out the cannabis vaporizer devices using the COVE and Spinach brands. March saw the launching of PEACE NATURALS for the direct-to-consumer Canadian market. The U.S. market saw the launching of Lord Jones and Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer.

Additional reasons to choose Cronos stock for the cannabis investor looking for a long term investment:

  • The first export of bulk dried flower to Israel for the distribution of PEACE NATURALS, the branded product for distribution in the Israeli medical market, was completed. The Cronos facility in Israel is continuing to prepare for operational readiness. The necessary regulatory approvals have been given. The permission for producing, manufacturing, and the selling of dried cannabis flower products have been granted. However, the company is waiting patiently for approvals for pre-rolls and oil products.

  • Natuera has completed a state of the art GMP-standard extraction facility. The joint Latin America contract provided a fully-licensed operation for hemp-and cannabis-derived medicinal cannabis products. The first test export to the United States was in early March. The Colombian based company is now accessing new products and markets.

  • Annasoul Analytics Ltd., a cannabis research company, agreed with Cronos to develop a commercial cannabis analytical testing lab located on-site at the Cronos Israel facility. Once operational, the facility will address the current need for Israeli end to end analytical testing for the domestic export and sale to particular international markets.

  • Cronos Fermentation achieved the R&D license and cannabinoid producing strains from Ginkgo Bioworks; this action saw the successful fermentation of one of the target cannabinoids CBGA. Cronos Fermentation will continue using these strains to optimize the down streaming process in advance of receiving the commercial processing license, which is required for commercialization.

Cronos Group is an innovative global cannabinoid company with production and distribution spanning internationally across five continents, and they are looking forward to promising times in 2020. Hard times are perhaps behind the company, but the consumer should not rush into investing without caution as the future of cannabis stocks is ultimately uncertain, Cronos included. However, in the long term, Cronos stocks are a safe bet to survive the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020.

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