Why Canadian dispensaries should focus on community outreach and marketing relations

Published Aug 7, 2019 10:13 a.m. ET
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There are many dispensaries coming to Canada since the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. A cannabis dispensary is a licensed shop that legally sells different cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use. These dispensaries, like other cannabis companies, provide many cannabis jobs for many people. One such job provided by a cannabis dispensary is a budtender. A budtender is a person who serves customers at a dispensary.

Any business that intends to stay relevant and increase profits must focus on community outreach and marketing relations. The cannabis business is no different; it needs the involvement of the community to survive, especially since the cannabis industry is a new upcoming industry.

Digital marketing and dispensaries

Cannabis businesses like dispensaries can promote their business through digital marketing. This encompasses the use of the internet, web to reach to consumers. Research shows that people use social media and their phones more than how they use traditional news mediums. This means that Canadian dispensaries must find the best and suitable way to target their consumers. This medium can provide information about products as well as prices and availability. Traditional ways of advertising should not be entirely discarded since a lot of older, middle age folks are still in tuned to them, but owners of dispensaries should also tap into the digital market. This will create avenues for your business. You can use search engines and social media to attract new customers.There are even other ways that technology can improve a dispensaries marketing strategy. Cannabis products can now be purchased online.

Customer service and your dispensary

Other than using technology to market your business, good customer service is a well-known and reliable way to ensure your customers loyal to your business. A good Customer service may sound cliché, but it is the deal maker. Customers want to feel a sense of appreciation from the business they purchase items from. A simple thank you for coming can go a long way, but it is not that simple. A good customer service also ensures that your customer is informed about a product and feel comfortable when buying it. A budtender in a dispensary can bring about that sense of direction for a customer. Budtenders should be equipped with the necessary information about cannabis products so that the products can be marketed well. A good customer service not only keeps your regular customers, but it can provide your dispensary with new customers. One satisfied customer could be a medium to spread the news to a prospective customer.


Community outreach

Cannabis dispensaries should also focus on community outreach. Giving back to the community can attract prospective customers while informing the public on your product offerings as well. Many businesses strive on a policy of outreach. Outreach can involve so many things, such as charity, community development, and even education. This can help to garner good relations with your community. Outreach is also a good way to pool support and improve your public image.

It may also be a wise idea to provide cannabis jobs for some of your community members if possible. Community members always want to know that as a business, you care about their well-being. In the end, your dispensary will maximize profits and stay relevant in the competitive cannabis industry.

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