What you need to know about Green Wednesday

Published Nov 28, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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It’s that time of year again. Green Wednesday is in full swing, and for those that are questioning the term “Green Wednesday,” it’s easily compared to Black Friday. It's all about shopping to the fullest and reaping those benefits of fabulous sales. This is the cannabis consumers' version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, and all of us are tired of the stay-at-home orders that we are all trying to live by. COVID-19 has stretched our nerves and cannabis, and for many, it is the positive therapy we need to deal with all of the problems we are living with today.

Dispensaries from, San Diego CA, to Boston, MA, have consumers shopping for discounted pre-rolls, cartridges, gummies, and tinctures, to name a few of the popular pot products that are flying off store shelves. Las Vegas dispensaries also see Green Wednesday as a perfect opportunity to spark joy and ease the boredom we find ourselves drowning in.

Weed holidays

One in three Americans currently lives in a state where cannabis is legal. Past holidays indicate that sales increase is optimal around the global 420 holidays. April 20this the biggest day for cannabis sales in the states, but the second memorable holiday is the Wednesday that falls before Thanksgiving, Green Wednesday.

Marketers love Green Wednesday, which is a term that is claimed to have been initiated by a Californian delivery service, Eaze, back in 2016. Four years later, the holiday became a hot topic, and deals were given by the dispensaries averaging around 5-50 percent off certain items. According to the retail president at Chalice Farms, the term is becoming more recognizable as each year passes.

How good is good?

The analytic company Headset records that nationwide cannabis sales are increased by 40% on Green Wednesday.

Retailer Caliva according to the director of digital marketing, reports that sales on that Wednesday in particular double from regular Wednesday sales.

According to information from Eaze, for four Wednesdays before Green Wednesday, dispensary orders almost double in volume.


Who wants what on Green Wednesday?

People are looking for ease and discretion when using cannabis. Green Wednesday is no different. Some of the most popular items and deals on Green Wednesday include the pre-roll. Kaviar joints are a dominating force in Colorado, and Sublime’s Mini Fuzzies rule the market in Arizona and Colorado during Green Wednesday sales.

Edible gummies are possibly the next most popular product. Kiva, which is located in California, presents a THC gummy that provides a manageable 10 mg of THC. The THC is not sourced from the famous bubble hash, and instead, it’s made with live resin. Vaporizer cartridges are right up there in popularity. As a travel companion, the all-in-one disposable pen from Raw Garden is a hot seller.

This season we expect many will be stocking up on THC. 2020 will be a memorable time, as we saw the sales of cannabis consumption rise, possibly due to the deadly pandemic's correlation. People are using cannabis in substantial amounts, and the sale of cannabis has been deemed essential, leading to some spectacular sales figures long before the deals arrived.

The de-stigmatization of cannabis may have a connection to Green Wednesday revenues. Adding to the possible reasons for the increase in sales are medical initiatives that have passed across the country. The oldest in the world legal cannabis market in Colorado saw a budding increase in cannabis spending of 38 percent from September to October.

Final words

Shop early, consider delivery options, and choose shopping online whenever possible. Green Wednesday for cannabis lovers will tire you out just like its counter partner cyber Monday or Black Friday. But what a bonus it will be when you sample those delicious treats. Dispensaries are ready. Advertising is busy, and businesses are waiting for your dollars to add to the green pile on this Green Wednesday in 2020.

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