What types of bud-tenders you should avoid

Published Feb 19, 2019 03:17 p.m. ET

Bad qualities in a budtender  

Your walk into the dispensary, you have never been there before, and you are a little nervous. The person behind the counter, you find out later was the “budtender,” they were not the most approachable person you have met.

Well, it’s now your turn to ask questions and purchase your herb. You explain that this is your first time in the dispensary, and you need help. The budtender starts into what sounds like a script. You are hearing the same verb you heard this bud-tender give to the customer in front of you. He or she is rushing you into purchasing while not informing you of the different strains.

The bud-tender who keeps referring to your medical marijuana as “weed” is making you feel uncomfortable. The conversation that they are engaging in is leaning more to the use of marijuana as recreational aid. Your budtender needs to be able to interpret and speak to the issue that you are presenting to them, whether it is recreational or medical. Are you suspicious that they are coming to work high? This is not just bad customer service but bad marijuana etiquette.

Cleanliness is important to the consumer. The budtender passes you a jar to smell; you notice their fingernails are dirty. Their appearance now that you look at them is not presentable. They smell like cigarettes or a little on the skunky side, the way that the bud is being presented to you is not clean. They are not using tongs to hold the bud. They are using their fingers, and their hands are not gloved. The budtenders hair is beautiful but not what you want in your cannabis purchase. The bud is being sniffed a lot, but not by you the consumer. This is not a clean, healthy business and should be avoided.

When the budtender does not have a good knowledge of the products that are available, you might want to question the dispensary and its employees as to if this is the best choice for you. A knowledgeable budtender knows how to advise you on medical or recreational cannabis. They will be knowledgeable on 420 events in the area and general cannabis 101 information. The keenness to learn from their patrons is a must. If you do not have that comfortable open communication with the budtender beware.


Good qualities in a budtender

Here are the qualities that you want in your professional budtender. These qualities will also help you in “how to be a good budtender.”

The general qualifications for budtender duties should include as follow:

The foremost duty of the budtender is to represent the dispensary. You want the budtender to greet customers and educate them on the cannabis plant in general. Providing knowledge of the products that the dispensary has is a must. Including knowledge of the flower, the concentrates and the edibles that are available to the consumer in Canada.

Etiquette is so important when purchasing medical or recreational weed.  Be mindful of your settings. Take the mind of the surrounding people. Although cannabis laws make it legal to use cannabis in Canada, not all people are on board with this law. Maybe you could use your vape pen. This method is not as noticeable to the other guests. The odor from the cannabis may be offensive to some be mind-full and perhaps distance yourself from those that are not comfortable with the aroma.



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