What does the future look like for luxury Cannabis and accessories in Canada?

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:35 a.m. ET

The future looks bright for the luxury cannabis accessories business in Canada. Many people are enjoying the legalization of cannabis and the benefits that it brings by showing off their luxury cannabis accessories. From pipes to rolling trays, the options are amazing. If you have the money, there is no end to the splurge-worthy accessories that can accompany your fabulous luxury cannabis.

Let’s look at some luxury cannabis brands and their products:

Ankh Clip
If you enjoy joints as you preferred method of indulging, then you will want this fantastic elegant roach clip. It is 24-karat gold dipped and hand-made in Portland Oregon.

Four-Strain Cannador
No longer do you have to store your favorite strain in that old biscuit box. This cannador will protect four strains of your stash from damaging UV light and maintain the freshness of your bud. The lock and key security on this box ensures that your cannabis is stored in a responsible, safe manner that incorporates a beautiful mahogany lined box. This is a beautiful coffee table centerpiece.

Jacquie Aiche Snake Skin Lighter
No luxury smoker’s ensemble is complete without this necklace that holds your luxury cannabis lighter, sold separately

Shine Papers 12 sheet pack
Who wants to smoke luxury cannabis without luxury papers? No one. These 24-karat rolling papers will accentuate the luxury you deserve.

Since legalization of cannabis in Canada on October 17, 2018, there is a budding market growing for luxury cannabis brand. Here are a few to keep in the forefront when looking at luxury cannabis accessories and products.


Toyoko Smoke
This award-winning brand boasts two coffee shop locations in Toronto. They offer a wide range of products and apparel. Prices go from $10 to $13,000. Luxury for sure.

Nutritional High International Inc.
Edibles that are delicious and consistent are what this Toronto company proudly boasts. The addition of oils that are also consistent makes this a Canadian luxury brand to watch. Inventory ranges from chocolate bars to space joints, and all are guaranteed to ensure a high-quality THC.

The development of a strain of cannabis that is above all else available on the market is the accomplishment of this company. They produce the finest seeds and techniques in the development of their product. Quest is a luxury cannabis brand that should be paid close attention to.

Looking for luxury cannabis brands in Canada? Well, you’re in luck, Montreal Quebec is the birthplace of this luxury cannabis brand. Accessories from pipes to grinders and storage jars and boxes are available. The pieces are handmade by local craftspeople and contain beautiful strains of natural wood.

Toronto is ready to open its first luxury cannabis store. Fire & Flower will be ready on the first legal day that edibles can be sold. April 1, 2019 will see a new store on the block at 95 Bloor Street West. This luxury cannabis store in Toronto is only one of multiple locations that Fire & Flower operate. The luxury cannabis store will sell accessories and a variety of hats, hoodies and exciting, different strains of cannabis. The 3,600 square foot retail store will be amazing and is expected to mimic their other stores that are located in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Luxury is the way to go my friend, and you deserve it, enjoy!



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