Ways that cannabis companies are staying competitive

Published Feb 28, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Competitiveness in all business is healthy, and the cannabis business space is no different. Today, learning how to stay in the consumer's eye is a business on its own. Weed is legal throughout many states in America, and Canadians now have the right to partake and grow their marijuana federally and provincially right across the true north.

However, regulations and other red set put in place by the government are attempting to keep an even playing field for the legal market. Innovative marketing strategies are necessary for cannabis companies to maintain their budding market profits, and to stay ahead of the current competition.

Aurora Cannabis has its views on how to maintain a vibrant cannabis market.  This company gets its roots from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Aurora Cannabis has been growing high-grade medical cannabis since 2016 in their high-tech facility in Cremona Alberta. A principal component in the game plan of Aurora cannabis is to maintain a commitment to the long haul.

The company is disciplined and committed to remaining focused on the end goal- success. However, currently the CEO Terry Booth has stepped down in the wake of 500 staff layoffs.  Aurora Cannabis Inc. has appointed Michael Singer as the interim CEO. Aurora Cannabis represents one of the world’s biggest marijuana companies whose operations span over 25 countries and includes 17 subsidiaries.

Medical marijuana news sources have announced that Tilray, a dedicated medical cannabis company, has also laid off 10 percent of the workforce. Company spokes personal announce this is a method of cutting costs and gives the ability for the company to stay competitive.

Let’s look at how the cannabis space is using cannabis events to stay on the competitive side of the budding green business. Cannabis conferences are not only for professionals, researchers, and journalists. These types of cannabis events help to enlighten and promote cannabis space. Competition is healthy, and the cannabis events around the world are promoting business.

Cannabis events


Education and expert training are part of the learning experience that is presented at various cannabis events that are staged around the world today.  Cannabis conferences are often geared more to the cannabis business community, inviting celebrity guest speakers to keynote speakers and well-known cannabis guests for panel discussions. These types of cannabis gatherings are directed at education and networking.

Other cannabis events that can promote business and keep cannabis businesses flourishing include music festivals, cannabis events directed specifically for the consumer to know the products available out there. For this, music and cannabis producers have been known partners forever. The combining of the two is a positive forward movement that is popping up all over.  What could be more competitive than music? Perhaps we have found the answer, cannabis.

Cannabis branding is, without a doubt, a compelling way to promote your business. Cannabis dispensaries are popping up everywhere in the states that have legalized the cannabis plant. The products derived from the plant are also in high demand. However, just as any new business, the cannabis business space can fall captive to the many pitfalls of new businesses. Hiring a branding company is a sure way of assisting your company in providing longevity to your business.

The epic 420 cannabis events throughout help to promote cannabis and keep companies that hold a spot in this space to remain competitive. This is the place for consumers to interact with cannabis companies that are promoting their business . At these premier 420 events. food, music, and entertainment are provided to all in attendance.

The more visible the cannabis companies are, at these types of events, the better it will help to promote their business and to keep the budding green companies fresh and in the consumer's eyesight.

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