Vape pen sales are on the rise again

Published Nov 2, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Quality vape pens are disappearing from the shelves of dispensaries everywhere. The small battery-operated devices that are used for aerosolizing THC oil were linked to the 2019 vaping injuries. Vape pens were associated with pulmonary injuries. Today the sale of vape pens has weathered two waves of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. October has seen sales of the vape cartridges reach levels comparable to last year’s attractive financial peaks.


The ten-year-old device, which took its start from the e-cigarette, stood to solve two problems that the cannabis smoker encounters. One is eliminating the smell of cannabis because not all consumers like the permeating odour from the green plant, and the second is obtaining a correct measured dose.

THC vape cartridges saw sales peak in the summer of 2019 before VAPI's arrival, also known as vaping-associated lung injury. The quality control given to the illicit THC vape market was so low that at least 68 people died. During this time, 2809 people also suffered an injury. VAPI is not infectious, but the CDC mislabeled this tragedy as an epidemic.

When testing was initiated, the legal state markets were ten times safer than those vape pens in illegal states. The licensed trade today requires state-regulated lab testing, which has made the consumer feel safe and willing to return to the THC vape market.

One study conducted by a Colorado-based marijuana data firm BDS Analytics reported vape sales peaking at 160 million dollars in July 2019. The sales in October had fallen to 126 million dollars. The pandemic's arrival in the spring saw vape sales flatten to 117 million dollars in April 2020.

The future looks bright

October 2020 has seen the vape industry back on track with sales numbers reaching the 160 million dollar mark. It seems that the vape products are not only back on track, but surpassing the late summer 2019 peak, according to BDS. The wholesale marijuana marketplace sees vape sales as being up 89 percent from the September 2019 low.


According to Alex Feldman,  general manager of LeafLink  Insights, some of the most popular products include vape cartridges. It appears that one-fifth of all orders through LeafLink this year are vape products. Vape cartridges, along with all-in-one disposable pens, averaged a seven percent growth, month over month. According to Feldman, these numbers are second only to flower.

It seems that cannabis vape consumers have listened to the warnings and only buy quality when it comes to products that involve the lungs. Surveys across the United States show that cannabis consumers have become suspicious of unknown brands and more aware of their health.

Once consumers realized that vaping deaths and illness were the results of an illicit market rather than the regulated legal market, sales began to rebound as consumers returned to their preference for ease of use and a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis.

Final words

The BPG is a trusted source for quality-controlled and safe products. They report that although the demand for vape cartridges has not returned to the pre-VAL, I level, partially due to the COVID-19 virus, it is hard to conduct a real assessment at this time.

Today to the lockdowns from COVID, staycations, and election anxiety has resulted in an increase in cannabis sales across the U.S. That is now being reflected in the rise of sales of vape pens and vape cartridges. Consumers are purchasing more vape products to enjoy the cannabis experience.

Vape pens are quickly taking over the cannabis 20 market


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