US cannabis events set to return in 2021

Published Jul 30, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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With mass shutdowns that dragged on for more than a year, it’s exciting to hear about the hustle and bustle that’s coming via cannabis events in 2021. Sadly, cannabis tourism barely got a chance to really get started before all this mess began, which meant huge losses and a tonne of required patience to stick things out. Some of the biggest names went virtual to maintain annual gatherings and traditions, but now if you want to visit a cannabis festival or conference live and in person, then your opportunity is finally here, so don’t miss it!

The Happy Camp

Where: Brooklyn, New York
When: July 21st

DFW Marijuana March and Freedom Festival

Where: Forth Worth, Texas
When: July 24th

CHAMPS Trade Show

Where: Las Vegas
When: July 27th

Niles Cannabis Festival

Where: Niles Michigan
When: July 31st

Higher Health Retreat

Where: Willow Camp, California
When: July 30th – August 1st

Camp Ruderalis

Where: Lilliwaup, Washington State
When: August 6th – 8th


Where: Chicago, Biloxi, Mississippi, and New York
When: August 6th – 7th, September 11th– 12th, October 7th – 8th


Where: North Stonington, Connecticut
When: August 13th – 15th

Boise Hempfest

Where: Boise, Idaho
When: August 8th – 14th

High Times Cannabis Cup

Where: Arizona, NorCal, Oklahoma (virtual), and Massachusetts
When: August 15th, August 29th, September 19th, October 24th

Terptown Throwdown

Where: Spencer, Massachusetts
When: August 20th – 21st


Where: Bentley, Mississippi
When: August 20th – 22nd

New Jersey Cannabis Festival

Where: Atlantic City, New Jersey
When: August 21st – 22nd

Cannabis Conference

Where: Las Vegas
When: August 24th – 25th

International Cannabis Business Conference

Where: Berlin, Zurich, and Barcelona
When: August 26th – 27th, August 31st– October 1st, October 7th

National Cannabis Festival

Where: Washington, DC
When: August 28th

The Southern Hemp Expo

Where: Raleigh, North Carolina
When: October 2nd – 4th

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Where: Manchester, Tennessee
When: September 3rd – 5th

Lucky Leaf Expo

Where: Dallas, Oklahoma City, Jackson MS, and Houston
When: September 10th – 11th, September 3rd – 4th, October 8th – 9th, November 5th
– 6th



Where: Delaware
When: September 17th – 18th

Farm Aid 2021

Where: TBA
When: September 25th


Where: New Jersey, Boston, Maine, Chicago
When: October 2nd – 3rd, October 10th– 12th, December 4th – 5th

Cannabis Science Conference

Where: Baltimore, Long Beach
When: September 13th – 15th, October 2nd – 4th

Cannabis Business Summit and Expo

Where: Detroit, Baltimore, and San Francisco
When: September 22nd – 23rd, December 7th – 8th, December 15th – 17th

Hall of Flowers

Where: Santa Rosa, Palm Springs
When: September 22nd – 23rd, December 8th – 9th

Budtender Awards

Where: Las Vegas
When: September 30th – October 2nd

The New York Cannabis Arts & Music Festival

Where: New Lisbon
When: September 24th – 26th

Women in Cannabis Expo

Where: Reno Nevada
When: September 27th – 29th


Where: Navarro California
When: October 1st– 4th


Where: Barcelona
When: October 8th – 10th

NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair

Where: New York
When: October 8th – 10th

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Where: New Orleans
When: October 8th – 17th


Where: Las Vegas
When: October 19th – 22nd

The State of Cannabis

Where: Los Angeles
When: November 4th – 5th

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

Where: New York
When: November 4th – 6th

Black CannaConference & Expo

Where: New Orleans
When: November 18th – 20th

Emerald Cup

Where: Los Angeles
When: December 11th – 12th

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