Uplifting cannabis news highlights from October (2020)

Published Nov 3, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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As we celebrate the second anniversary of marijuana legalization, more exciting cannabis news is on the horizon. An important public event has been scheduled by the Food and Drug Administration to discuss the differences between gender and sex in the effects of CBD. This study was announced by the FDA's Office of Women's Health, who looked at this research pertaining to women with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances, all of which are often more prevalent in women.

Don't worry; equal time has been allotted for studying both male and female cannabis users, as you’ll find in some of the other cannabis news headlines listed below.

A study

A new study has been revealed in cannabis news for October, and the research shows that about half of the people using cannabis in North America are over forty. The study, which was conducted by Akerna, focused on the type of cannabis consumption, as well as gender and age. Buds or flower is the most popular means of consuming the herb in the U. S. while edibles appear to be the least popular.

According to the study, men consume more weed than women. Another exciting result of this research was data indicating that medical cannabis consumers spend more and purchase more items for its consumption than recreational users. This study also showed that North Americans from Generation X and Baby Boomers generations, who are now seniors, are becoming more comfortable with cannabis.

The anniversary of legalization in Canada

Who can forget that memorable day, October 17, 2018? The wonderful October fall day that Federal marijuana news celebrated Canada becoming the first major country to legalize weed. Other governments around the globe have been watching Canada and taking notes in preparation for them to allow legal recreational sales of cannabis in their part of the world.

Federal marijuana legalization one step closer in the US

In federal marijuana news from October, we discovered that the federal legalization of cannabis in the US could be only months away. Several trade associations predict a bill federally legalizing cannabis being passed in Congress in the near future. If Joe Biden wins the White House, his party will control the Senate and the House of Representatives.

An unlimited number of pot shops in Alberta


October continues to be a special month for the green plant, as the Alberta government announced that it is removing the cap that is currently set for the number of store licenses that any one person can have.  The law used to state that no one person or group can hold no more than 15 percent of the province's total retail stores. There are 528 store licenses that have been issued in Alberta, and the previous law meant that an individual owner could not hold more than 79 licenses. As of Nov 1, the cap is no longer in existence.

An interesting note: Alberta has more marijuana stores per capita than any other jurisdiction within Canada.

Aurora Cannabis

If you are one of the execs at Aurora Cannabis, October was a great month financially. Those top execs were rewarded with millions of green dollars in bonuses. Sadly, this was despite mass layoffs the company made.


The Ontario government-operated Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has made claims that they were undercutting the illicit cannabis market prices during the first fiscal quarter. When we look at the comparison prices of cannabis against the illegal market, the numbers are $7.98, while the numbers from legal sales of cannabis are $7.05. This month, the regulator of Ontario cannabis stores announced that they would be speeding up the process of adding new cannabis stores by issuing ten licenses each week.

Final words

October has been another trying month for the world, sadly due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a bright light is directed toward the cannabis industry. Cannabis has continued to be seen as an essential product, and that’s great news for green businesses.

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