Uber could be the biggest company ever to offer weed delivery

Published May 10, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Does Uber have its green eyes set on weed delivery? According to CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber is waiting for the pathway to be cleared federally. Once that happens, the company will be on board and ready for the opportunity.

What is the mission of Uber?

Uber has a mission to bring transportation for everyone anywhere that it might be required. Uber comes with a vision that fewer cars and greater access to ride-sharing or personal taxi services will provide cheaper transportation. Uber offers more job opportunities and fair incomes to its drivers. Perhaps the employment numbers at Uber will soon be increasing as Uber switches from a local taxi to the world’s largest weed delivery service.

Latest on board

Federally in the USA, marijuana remains illegal. However, currently, about three dozen states have decriminalized the drug for either medical or recreational use. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his state of New York, on March 3rd, signed legislation that legalized buying weed while making room for weed delivery of various products. Uber  currently operates in all of the USA. as a ride-hailing company.

Big bucks

In February, we saw Uber acquire a Boston-based alcohol delivery service, Drizly. Interestingly the acquisition did not include Lantern, a weed delivery service that was launched in May 2020.  Could the 1.1-billion-dollar acquisition have been more if Uber had acquired the weed delivery service Lantern as part of the deal that continues to operate independently?

The CEO of Uber voice of the company, says that it is focusing its efforts on building its delivery business. Khosrowshahi says that for now, the delivery of food, alcohol and grocery in addition to people will be the focus. The opportunity is happening now, and Uber is ready to meet the demands that are at hand.


Currently, buying weed, weed delivery and weed, in general, is illegal under federal law in the USA. There are, however, some lawmakers that have shown interest in having that law changed. To date, the federal government has allowed individual states to legalize cannabis while making no progress at the federal level.

Here comes some support

Senators Ron Wyden, Cory Booker, and Chuck Schumer are working together to advance the marijuana reform legislation that is currently in Congress. All of the mentioned senators have previously been noted for supporting legislation that would see the decriminalization of cannabis come to be.

Final thoughts

Uber was founded in August 2009 in San Francisco, California, USA. Also referred to as Uber Technologies, this American technology company is always on the road, so to speak. The services include food delivery, package delivery ride-hailing and general couriers. The partnership with Lime and motorized scooter and bike rentals is in line with Uber’s scope of delivery.

Cannabis is a popular commodity worldwide. Delivery is also a solid commodity for merchandise that is available in the USA. Federally once the policy surrounding the green plant and buying legal weed changes, delivery by Uber could be closer than ever before. If we believe the words of politicians, the green road seems closer for all of us, and Uber is included.

Now that weve experienced weed delivery whats next


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