This Canadian cannabis company aims to perfect edibles

Published Oct 15, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis edibles are in the sights of Houweling Nurseries, who has partnered with Canadian AgraFlora Organics International launch a line of Canadian cannabis treats. The company has a plan to manufacture cannabis edibles from their facility in Winnipeg.

The Canadian cannabis company

AgraFlora Organics International Inc is focused primarily on the world's most regulated legal cannabis industry. This company's Canadian assets include Edibles & Infusions, a fully automated manufacturing facility in Winnipeg. AgraFlora has a 51,000 square foot facility that is fully automated to produce cannabis edibles, and the facility has already been part of the development and research trial for these kinds of pot products.

The company has submitted its response to Health Canada's request for information in regard to the application that will enable the company to produce cannabis edibles. The company plans to offer cannabis activated pectin, hard THC candy and gelatin THC gummies, and has intentions to provide the cannabis-infused products in a sugar-free variety.

Right now, the company is in discussions with multiple Canadian firms for research and development through product formulation and development with the belief that the involvement of service contracts is paramount to providing a long-term production relationship.

Only the best

This Canadian company will operate the facility with a roster of experienced confectioners and chocolatiers. The facility itself will be fully decked out with manufacturing equipment that is capable of producing an assortment of cannabis edibles. The equipment will have the capability of producing a variety of terpene-infused and cannabinoid products for both medicinal and recreational adult-use purposes.



Village Farms greenhouses, located in East Ladner, is also gearing up to begin production of topicals and edibles. The company has partnered up with Pure Sunfarms. The pure love of the cannabis plant is noted as the modern greenhouses in the BC Fraser Valley produce timeless BC cannabis. The company's humble farming roots show the uncompromising approach that this company has taken to create quality weed using the old fashioned BC bud method.

Health Canada has given the Canadian cannabis operation the green light for an amendment to the standard cannabis processing license. The license will now also permit the sale of extract, topical and edible cannabis products. All of the products sold by PureSun will be produced within the PureSun farms Delta production facility. If these plans go forward, the products will be sold to territorial and provincial boards and sold directly to authorized retailers.

Sunfarms hopes to launch Cannabis 2.0 products within the next few months to add to its recently launched bottled oil and vape products. AgraFlora Organics International Inc will use its edibles facility to expand its product line to include other cannabis products. Some of the added cannabis products will consist of infused drinks and honey.

Final thoughts

THC hard candy and THC gummies offer a discreet method to administer cannabis. Whether micro-dosing for medicinal reasons or taking larger amounts for recreational use, remember the golden rule where cannabis edibles come into play. Go low and slow, and you will be sure to enjoy your experience with cannabis edibles. AgraFlora plans to produce the perfect cannabis edibles to satisfy all of your needs.

COVID19 wasnt enough to stop one chocolatier from creating edibles


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