The perks of choosing micro cannabis brands

Published Jun 1, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Most cannabis enthusiasts are relatively unaware of the work that it takes to get the products that they know and love onto the shelves of dispensaries, and it shows. Giant corporations like Aurora Cannabis are raking in millions and wasting away even more than that as they race to adjust current business practices to be more profitable. Still, most of them will survive. It's the little micro cannabis growers who are hurting the worst in all of this.

To many, the term micro cannabis brings to mind small cannabis plants or farms that can only pump out a couple of different strains at a time. Still, they are much more than that, and when consumers choose to support them, there are quite a few benefits that the majority don't even realize exist. Here, we want to show you five of the most favourable reasons to choose these lesser-known cannabis brands so that you can make a better-informed decision the next time you shop!

1. Helping an individual over a big business

Micro cannabis growers often work with a handful of carefully selected individuals chosen for their passion, skill, and dedication to the craft, and they generally pay them accordingly. In contrast, large-scale operations are much more likely to hire cheaper labourers, who are rarely compensated sufficiently for their time. This is a systematic problem that rings true with most large corporations, but when you support individuals and smaller groups who have dedicated their lives to this, you help give some of the power back to the little guy.

2. A wider variety of unique cannabis strains

We like big box stores because they offer us almost everything, we could need in one place. Still, the purchases we make from these places are often immediately regretted, as they offer very few choices made of lower-quality materials. Big cannabis brands follow a very similar philosophy, where money and the opinions of shareholders control every move made, resulting in fewer and mostly less exotic cannabis strains to choose from. If you want a variety that is unique and often even one of a kind, you'll need to turn your attention to smaller, lesser-known cannabis brands.

3. More transparency

Most of us want to throw our support behind those who follow the rules. We want to see fairness, equality, and product safety, and to get this, and we need real transparency. Sadly, some of the biggest and most successful licenced cannabis brands have been caught red-handed skirting regulations, growing to supply the black market, and using the names of cannabis strains to sell a product that wasn't what they claimed it to be. Micro cannabis cultivators, on the other hand, are generously transparent, from the particulars of seed genetics, all the way down the number of plants they have. They can't afford not to be.

4. Supporting your local community

Some of the biggest cannabis brands are well known for their contributions that help to widen support for the plant right across the globe, and that's a pretty fantastic thing, but much of what you see in the news is little more than great advertising, which is precisely why they do it. There is no denying the valuable push that the legal industry and its largest competitors give to the movement as a whole. Still, micro cannabis growers usually lean more towards helping their communities in whatever way they can. Supporting them in this endeavour will directly and positively impact your neighbours, and that's great!

5. A higher quality

Sure, there are some fantastic cannabis strains out there that are produced or created by the more prominent cannabis brands. Still, if you've tried them, you'd see that they're all incredibly generic for the most part, focusing on names that are most well-known rather than those that offer unique effects or experiences. Micro cannabis is cultivated with the utmost care by folks who are often more in touch with real consumers' needs, and they won't feed into the stereotypes to do it. Many work hard to produce cannabis strains for specific symptoms and conditions because they care about those who need them the most.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but when it comes right down to it, micro cannabis cultivators win every single time no matter how you slice it, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to find one that supports a cause that's dear to you. The benefits come full circle here, and micro cannabis cultivators need our help and support if they want to stay alive and competitive in this fast-paced new aged green industry. So next time you're due to re-up, take a second to see which small cannabis brands might work the best for you. You won't regret it!

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