The most technologically advanced dispensaries in the world

Published May 28, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Do you enjoy engaging in weed transactions with an AI-equipped bud kiosk as your budtender? It's a question that more people are going to encounter as cannabis technology infiltrates all levels of the cannabis space. The cannabis dispensary will become a futuristic way of doing business. The delivery method of the peaceful plant is now becoming less of a personal experience.

Some of the advanced cannabis technology that is out there today is heightening your dispensary experience

Customer service

AI is assisting the budtender with a friendly face. Collection of data to be analyzed and information to create learning programs will be used for training employees. However, this new form of customer service can provide you with a split-second response to product questions based on cutting-edge analytics. Budtenders will be trained to be very responsive to customers' concerns with AI aid, hopefully forming a collaborative environment for knowledge to be available to the customer.

Virtual reality

Cannabis technology has provided top-class dispensaries with the ability to provide us with virtual reality stimulation before indulging in our favourite strain of weed or weed product. So let's examine or take a  closer look at what makes a dispensary so technically advanced that it intrigues many worldwide. Some cannabis technology at a dispensary has a manner of taking us back to the futuristic Jetson era. The time of robotic staff, interactive holograms, and some form of the intricate conveyer belt system.

Drone delivery

Could the digital age and advanced technology in a dispensary be any different from any other product availability? Cannabis is no different, and companies are stepping up the delivery method. Co-founder at Nugg & NuggMD, Alex Milligan, believes that drones or automated delivery systems are an essential element in delivering accessible cannabis to all.

Kiosk service

The makers of the first fully automated marijuana kiosk that is fully compliant are Grasshopper, and it acknowledges that everyone is on the green gold road rushing to compete with companies to provide the best customer experience. Perhaps we have reached the era where buying weed is as simple as ordering an Uber—buying an edible or pre-rolled joint from a vending machine may be as simple as purchasing a small bag of chips or a  cold bottle of coke. And never having to interact with any human being is what we want. The self-serve kiosk allows skipping the line when picking up your order. Transactions are easy and quick.

Noticeable improvements

Digital catalogues and high-tech interactive display pods have improved to the level that cannabis customers have seen the improvement and are approving this customer service method. The future of the cannabis dispensary is focusing on the progress of the customer service provided. In addition, the delivery service needs to be expanded, which will help provide a seamless transition from all aspects of the customer's interaction while purchasing their cannabis or cannabis product process.

Final thoughts

Is this how the mother of herbs wants to be celebrated through isolation and lack of human contact? We will see as the more technologically advanced dispensaries become a reality if people are accepting.  Is this the route that people throughout the world want? Or would we prefer physical contact when purchasing or obtaining delivery of cannabis? Only time will tell for sure.

Now that weve experienced weed delivery whats next


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