The most ignored pot stocks on the market

Published Mar 5, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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As the world welcomes 2021, willing it to be a year that puts COVID and the destruction this virus has spread to bed, there is now something to get excited about. 2021 is going to be the year for pot stocks to flourish.

The lock-down quarantine and stay-at-home orders have had adverse effects on the cannabis retail industry. However, these same effects may turn out to be positive as they could end up giving pot stocks a longer-term lifeline. Recreational and medical cannabis may be the way out of the world's financial dilemma by offering a critical solution to increasing amounts of debt piling onto society today.

Canopy Growth Stock

Constellation Brands is the owner of 38% of Canopy Growth, and they are ready to face 2021 with a vengeance. The company has aggressive plans for the future of Canopy Growth stock. Constellation sees the company achieving one billion dollars in sales within the next eighteen months. Home of the largest weed company in the country, Canopy Growth holds 30 percent of the Canadian medical cannabis market.

It appears that there will be no reason for the company to reach the goal of the one-billion-dollar level, as it also collects revenue from sales in Germany and the USA. Canopy Growth Corporation, along with its subsidiaries, is involved in the production, distribution, and sales of marijuana for medical and recreational use in the countries mentioned as well as in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Cronos Group

Altria is making a 1.8 billion dollar investment into the Cronos group. The acquisition would put the Cronos group on a profitable path to market products at a time when it is hard to find innovation in today’s tobacco space.  An 850,000- square foot facility, GrowCo will be capable of reaping a 70,000-kilogram crop at full capacity.

This move will put Cronos Group in line for being one of the largest producers in Canada. Canada has legalized cannabis, and this puts Cronos in a position where the pressure is on to show a profit, not just a promise of eventual revenue. For investors, the big question regarding the ignored pot stocks is if the numbers presented are tried and valid. The Cronos Group stock is offered at less than 14 dollars per share.


The cannabinoid company is operating in the USA and internationally. Hemp-derived supplements and cosmetic products are available through retail and hospitality partner channels and e-commerce methods. The company is also involved in marijuana-derived products for adult-use markets and the medical market. Cronos Group Inc has its roots deep in Toronto, Canada.


This company is building the first marijuana platform, and it plans to provide the necessary infrastructure and trust for other companies to launch popular brands that consumers love. The company recently partnered with Molson Coors Canada Inc. HEXO Corp's strategies are underrated; the market cap sits at 500 million dollars. It is expected that as the partnership deals continue, HEXO Corp. could become one of the most valuable pot stocks on the market today.

Final thoughts

Legalizing pot in the United States will have a decisive effect on the world's cannabis stocks. The new administration in America has come at a time when the world is focusing on rebounding from the damage of COVID-19. The President of the USA has an already full plate. However, when looking at the employment crisis and the deficits that the pandemic has caused, cannabis revenue is a source of income that can not be passed by lightly.

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