The most creative cannabis entrepreneur ideas of 2020

Published Sep 26, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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The cannabis industry is becoming a serious contender for investors, as many are now looking at ways to get into the lucrative legal cannabis business. The business of cannabis entrepreneurs does not begin and end with cultivating, producing, and selling cannabis. Are you ready to join the cannabis entrepreneur wagon so that you can enjoy the capital benefits that are available to you?

Bud and breakfast 420 style

Travellers have been looking for a place to enjoy the comforts of home while exploring the great land we live in. However, the comforts of your home include enjoying your cannabis in a safe and comfortable space. B&B's or Bud & Breakfasts, as the cannabis entrepreneurs call their business, is becoming more and more popular as countries and states are legalizing the use of cannabis.

Body products cannabis-infused

The cannabis body product industry is hot. Whether for esthetically beauty or medicinal uses, these cannabis-infused products are part of the gravy train for cannabis investors. The cannabis entrepreneur who produces a product that does all that it claims, such as relieve inflammation and assist in the soothing of aches and pains, has perhaps found the golden egg.

420 Cannabis catering

If your interest lies in the kitchen and cannabis is part of your ingredients in the cupboard, catering can be the jackpot you are looking for. No longer is the cannabis realm of cooking kept to the back in the day chocolate brownie, as high-end chefs are incorporating cannabis into their menus. With the right combination of infused foods, the edibles maker could be a great cannabis entrepreneur partner. Businesses in the edibles maker space will tap into the "foodies" appetite providing cannabis-infused eating experiences.

Delivery services

Every product today has some form of delivery service; cannabis can also be included in this. The budding cannabis entrepreneur who contacts farms and dispensaries to offer the use of cannabis delivery could be part of the cannabis entrepreneurs' space. Whether delivering for recreational or medical needs, delivery is a needed commodity. Cannabis investors may see this as a ground floor entrance into the cannabis space with promises of becoming a multi-million dollar business.



The time has come for the forward-moving florist to include cannabis in the arrangements they are selling. If you can create beauty from plants, perhaps as a canna-florist, you could start to build your empire. Networking gatherings, weddings and other social events are moving forward in how they are expressing themselves. The happy couple who have planned a cannabis wedding will need your services more and more as the stigma for cannabis, and its use is slowly.

Bus party cannabis style

Perhaps you are one of the lucky people who live in a cannabis legal area. If so, your green visions could include the cannabis party bus company. This investment is similar to the old-style alcohol party bus, but instead of alcohol, you would be enjoying the cannabis experience. The cannabis investor who sees this as a viable way to join the cannabis industry is essentially providing a safe place to consume your cannabis. At the same time, possibly, the venue could include popular cannabis attractions for you to stop at along the way.

Green for your pets

The pet industry is vast, and now that cannabis has joined into the market, you can become a cannabis entrepreneur that serves man's best friend. CBD is the famous cannabis cannabinoid that pet owners are running to the store to purchase for their pets. The joining of two of the most lucrative businesses, pets, and cannabis, can only bring positivity to the cannabis entrepreneur who has hooked into what we know as a lucrative business today.

Final words

There are many businesses that the budding cannabis entrepreneur can immerse themselves into, and the above is only the tip of the iceberg when looking at what is available for the cannabis enthused businessperson to invest money and time into. Take your time to do some factual investigations and research, and the cannabis industry could be just the niche you are looking for.

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