The highest paying cannabis jobs that are now available to Canadians

Published Sep 3, 2019 12:20 p.m. ET
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The cannabis jobs market is open and ready for Canadians to reap the benefits. Marijuana legalization on October 17 in 2018, saw an increased demand for workers in the cannabis industry.

The legal, medical marijuana industry has been flourishing in Canada for some time. Careers in this section of the market come with high paying remunerations. Medical marijuana careers often require stricter licensing requirements than those working on the recreational side, and these additional skills are reflective in the different pay scale.

Cannabis research is ongoing for medical and recreational purposes, and as the industry grows, so does the growing market for cannabis jobs. Here are just a few of some of the best compensated cannabis jobs in the Canadian industry today.

1. Master Extractor. $80K to $250K+

Job requirements:

  • Overseeing the production of safe oils and concentrates from harvested cannabis plants
  • Extract precise amounts of CBD/THC
  • Manage the laboratory facility
  • Adhere to strict government regulations and standards
  • PhD in biochemistry
  • Engineering expertise

This position in the cannabis industry when directed at the medical marijuana field often get paid well due to the combinations of knowledge required.

2. Master Grower. $50K to $120K+

Job requirements:

  • Ensuring the reliable growth of health marijuana plants
  • Manage planting, cloning, crop nutrition, pest management
  • Staffing of appropriate workers
  • Legal and knowledge of compliance requirements, needing interactions with law enforcement and compliance officers
  • Background in horticulture and botany
  • Numerous years of experience in the cultivation of marijuana plants

Growing marijuana and producing high-quality, healthy plants is crucial to this position. Without the production of healthy cannabis plants, there would be no cannabis industry available.

3. Marijuana Quality Control Inspector $50K to $100K

Job requirements:

  • Ability to ensure that marijuana products are safe and healthy and comply with the potency standards
  • Help to enforce laws governing marijuana cultivation laws and monitoring the use of pesticides
  • PhD in biology, chemistry or agronomy

This position is often required in government agencies along with private companies.

4. Edibles Chef. $40K to $90K+


Job requirements:

  • Culinary arts training
  • Skilled pastry artists
  • Skilled chef
  • Ability to infuse extracts into chocolate, baked treats, coffee, tea, and many other edible products with extreme precise doses

Companies producing edibles for the medical market and the looming recreational market are depending on qualified well-trained chefs to be part of the company’s staff.

5. Dispensary Manager $40K to $75K+

Job requirements:

  • Medical dispensary managers require a background in pharmacology
  • Experience in retail management

Marijuana dispensaries are a considerable part of the cannabis industry market. The need for top-notch management is paramount for the successful operation of a high-end quality dispensary. Dispensaries can be the first step to advanced opportunities involving six-figure salaries and the overseeing of many stores

6. Extraction Technician $27K to $43K+

Job requirements:

  • Operate extractions machines to produce high-quality concentrates like shatter from different cannabis strains
  • Controlling laboratory inventory
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment
  • Educational background in sciences preferred

7. Budtender $21K to $40K

Job requirements:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Enjoy interacting with people aiding in providing best strain of cannabis for whatever purpose they need
  • Knowledgeable about marijuana plants, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. Helpful in providing suggestions for combinations of THC and CBD for particular effects

Budtenders often develop repeat customer interactions, which can result in workers being tipped quite generously.

The cannabis industry is a budding business that is requiring the assistance of many skilled laborers. The skills for the thriving cannabis industry are often interchangeable with the current marketing and production businesses of today. So, if you are looking to change your career then you may want to give the green plant industry a try.

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