The greatest Weedmaps alternatives in Canada

Published Jan 15, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Weedmaps made it into headlines around the world after making the switch to providing solely for the legal cannabis industry. The move is surely beneficial for the company, its creators, and investors, but the sudden removal of thousands of black-market vendors has reduced the number of active listings on the platform. That’s left disappointed consumers everywhere wondering if there is anything better or similar out there.

Here we’re going to highlight five of the absolute best Weedmaps alternatives. Some of them you might have already heard of, and one is so new that even we were excited to learn all about what they had to offer. After browsing through hundreds of different websites, apps, and databases, we determined the top five online listing services for dispensaries based on things like the number of active listings, accuracy of educational content, and popularity among consumers.

1. Leafythings

Leafythings comes as one of the most recommended Weedmaps alternatives because here, you’ll find many of the black-market vendors that recently disappeared from there, and then some. You can browse through the latest online deals, read about numerous incredible cannabis products, and order weed for pickup, same-day delivery, or mail delivery, so even when you’re in need of a fresh bag fast, there will be something to suit your needs.

2. Tasty Budd’s

Tasty Budd’s offers a postal code search-based feature that works in the exact way as the one you’re probably used to on Weedmaps, which makes it easy to find the closest open dispensaries. They also offer both an app and a fabulously designed website that is functional and easy to navigate. As you shop for your favourite strains, Tasty Budd’s provides professional information about each one, and the number of active listings here should be more than enough for any consumer.

3. The Dispensary

The Dispensary is one of the most unique on this list of top Weedmaps alternatives because it focuses more on the needs and wants of medicinal patients. With it, those with a medical license can shop, get easy directions to exactly where the product that they want sits in store, suggestions and recommendations for obtaining a medical cannabis license, and more. On top of all that, they offer an easy search for all of your closest medicinal dispensaries based on location and what’s open.


4. WeedAdvisor

WeedAdvisor boasts a wide selection of dispensaries. In fact, they might just have one of the largest in the world now that Weedmaps has reduced its illegitimate listings, and that makes the experience one that will be familiar to those who used the original website. However, they do all of the work necessary to point out the legal options so that you can make fully informed decisions as to who and what you’re supporting, long before you ever place an order.

5. Leafly

Leafly is by far the most well-known name on this list, and that’s because they’ve been around for what feels like forever. They offer a website, but for those who want a more personalized shopping experience, there is also a Leafly app that is just as informative, intuitive, and useful. There, you can find listings for pretty much every legal dispensary in Canada, and in most cases, you can even order from the comfort of your own home with nothing more than a text or phone call.

Remember that changes are ongoing

Advertising in cannabis is a tricky thing, and with such a brand-new industry, it only makes sense that it’s taking a while for new companies to get in on the action, which is what we need for consumers to get the service and experience that they truly desire. Luckily, this is changing, and just like the market and cannabis technology is evolving to include features and benefits that we’ve never seen before. For now, this list of five is pretty good, but eventually, someday, we’re going to have a host of enticing new competing options to choose from.

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