The Cannabis.Wiki Expo will be a game-changer for London Ontario

Published Dec 9, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET

The legal cannabis industry is 3 years young in Canada, and we’ve seen a lot of excitement from both professionals and consumers about what the future has to offer. A cannabis conference or expo has the power to bring all of those amazing people together in one place, where magic can happen as the culture and businesses evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of governments, regulators, and customers. It’s a happening space and the perfect platform to launch new and innovative ideas, but we only have so many options, especially in Ontario.

The Lift and Co. cannabis expo takes place in the heart of Toronto at the Metro Convention Center. Grow Up is highly regarded as a prestigious gathering place, and it happens every year in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Hempfest and a few other lesser-known cannabis events all fill in spaces in between the two, but there’s virtually nothing going on in London, a city that boasts more than half a million residents, surrounded by stretches of agriculture.

London’s first-ever cannabis conference

London has never been home to an annual cannabis event, aside from the usual 420 gatherings, where residents all gather in Victoria Park to fill the massive green space with a cloud of smoke. That is, until now, because Cannabis.Wiki is taking over the scene. We’re determined and highly motivated to bring professionals and consumers together in a way that facilitates growth while also reducing the still lingering stigma that remains, and we couldn’t think of a better place to do that than at the Western Fairgrounds.

Why London is a perfect fit

London is happening, accessible, and so much easier to navigate than Toronto or Niagara Falls, with plenty of parking and green spaces to explore along the way. It’s a great place to live, work, and raise a family, and it is home to the fairgrounds we all know and love. It’s safe, fun, and a great city for those who like the hustle and bustle of busy streets full of friendly people without the cold looming presence of glass skyscrapers and bumper-to-bumper traffic.


We’ve got dozens of different dispensaries to choose from, high-end department stores for all your shopping needs, and five-star hotels that will take good care of attendees while they connect with us at the Cannabis.Wiki Conference and Expo. With fun stops like Flying Squirrel, The Factory, Jump Zone, and more than a dozen virtual and manual arcades, there is enough entertainment here to keep the party going until you’re ready to stop!

A milestone for Western Fairgrounds

The Western Fair made a name and fortune on the promise of honesty, integrity, and family values, offering a safe place for all interests and backgrounds, in particular those associated with agriculture. It’s always been a space where Londoners and out-of-area travelers can really feel at home. Now we have the opportunity to throw cannabis in the mix, and it’s going to be great! It’s taken time, patience, hard work, and dedication to get the owners of this fantastic venue just as excited as we are, and we’re going to do so many great things together from this point forward.

US cannabis events set to return in 2021


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