The best cannabis dispensaries to visit in 2019

Published Aug 22, 2019 01:23 p.m. ET
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You no longer need to ask where a dispensary near me is located, because today, there is the option of purchasing many types of weed online. Which can eliminate the question, where is a dispensary near me? Thanks to marijuana legalization the venue for purchasing marijuana has broadened substantially to include dispensaries that warrant being mention as some of the best online dispensaries to visit in 2019.

The dispensaries in this prestigious list involve online markets. The products from these dispensaries will usually have lower prices, excellent quality products, and many offer discount coupons. Products are shipped to you by mail in 1-3 days. These mail-order Canadian marijuana dispensaries (MOM), are worth checking out.

1. Green Society

GS does their best to please the customer in all aspects, from product to customer service this dispensary excels. The quality products and ease in navigating the site earn Green Society a place on the list.

2. Canna Wholesalers

Canna Wholesalers is supreme in caring for its customers and providing top-shelf products. This company offers discounts which increase with the more that you purchase. Honest pricing, fast delivery, and quality selection earn this dispensary recognition.

3. Evergreen Medicinal

EM calls BC home, and this company earnestly works to provide high-quality cannabis flowers and extracts. Years of experience accompany this 'MOM' dispensary.  The easy navigation of the site is another positive attribute from Evergreen Medical. Your delivery arrives in a vacuum-sealed package, guaranteeing no nose snooping postal delivery personnel.

4. Speed Greens

SG works hard to provide its customers with the best prices in the cannabis industry. Forty-five years of experience in the industry has provided excellent customer service. Speed Greens quality control is above excellent, providing in-house analysis. Testing for CBD and THC content along with mold or pesticides is a paramount step in providing their clients with a superb safe product. The dedication of this company is to provide the best prices and product.


5. WebSmart

WS dispensary opened in 2018, and their high-quality products, and aggressive low pricing, combined with the easy navigation of the site, make its place on the list secure. The constant addition of new products is a welcomed addition to WeedSmarts site. This site is committed to helping change the negative perception of marijuana while providing an excellent product.

6. GetKush

GK is based out of Vancouver BC and is the established dream of a brother and sister combination. The two siblings started the company and followed the ethics of their fathers’ hard work and business success. The ultimate goal of GetKush is to provide the best online marijuana shopping experience.

The brother and sister duo want to share the happiness that cannabis brings to them with you. Free samples are provided with each order received. Delivery service area includes Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and other regions.

Their inventory includes an extensive selection of marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles vape pens, CBD products, and tinctures. Products are shipped via Canada Xpresspost, and this delivery method ensures sound and safe delivery.

Marijuana legalization has opened the market for numerous 'MOM' businesses. The list above includes a few of the best online Canadian dispensaries. Take your time view the types of weed available to you in the comfort of your home.

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