Small cannabis business ideas for entrepreneurs

Published May 16, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Pot is hot, and entrepreneurs are looking for the green path to success within the cannabis industry. The cannabis business is worth tens of billions of dollars, and it’s only getting bigger. Now is the time for local regions to embrace the small business ideas of the cannabis entrepreneur.

The business opportunities are there for the taking and the involvement of the cannabis entrepreneur does not lie only in the growing, cultivation or selling of the plant. Let’s take a look at some innovative small business ideas and opportunities that available out there today.

Bed & Breakfast Cannabis style

Travelers have always enjoyed the intimacy of a traditional bed & breakfast. A 420 friendly environment for travelers is an even more welcoming experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis Bike Tours

Consider starting a marijuana bike tour company. Your potential clients will enjoy the scheduled bike tours to local marijuana farms and dispensaries. The start-up costs for business opportunities like a cannabis bike tour are minimal, while the benefits touch both the mind and body.

Cannabis body products

Using infused body lotions is beneficial for both local businesses and the consumer. Putting these infused products on our bodies has been known to relieve inflammation and pain. Getting in on the bottom floor of the small business ideas out there through healthy infused shampoos and lotions is the path to take, ensuring your name and product are around for some time.

Cannabis catering


If cooking and providing delicious food for your friends and guests has always been your passion, then now is the time to combine cooking with your other passion for weed. Experimenting with cannabis in the kitchen could be the basis of a successful small business. Creating cannabis-infused food for others on a catering level could be your start on the profitable green cannabis path.

Cannabis delivery service

Today, Uber the delivery service is for everything, but does it deliver weed? Cannabis delivery businesses already exist. Although the niche is still there in this new cannabis venture, the venue is still in its infancy. Locate your closest cannabis farms and dispensaries. Hook up and offer to be an exclusive delivery service for their business. You have a choice here between medical cannabis delivery or recreational delivery. Depending on where you live, you may have an influence on the delivery of items.

Cannabis event party planning

It's not easy to plan the perfect event or party, but now cannabis can be the focal point of an event. Your prime target could be the rich cannabis entrepreneurs who are looking to impress their 420 colleagues and friends while growing the customer base. Facilitating networking  at events and trade shows could be your step on the green path to success.

Final thoughts

The legal cannabis business is growing rapidly even though, relatively speaking, it is still a new industry. That being said, there is  still plenty of  opportunities for the entrepreneurs out there to establish themselves within the local market. The time is now, and the elevator is open on the ground floor. Step in and traverse the green road to successful  cannabis business opportunities.

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