Sephora could be taking over the beauty industry

Published Aug 26, 2019 09:07 a.m. ET
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As the legalization of cannabis becomes a reality in many countries, there has been more entrepreneurs eager to get a piece of the market. Many businesses now revolve around pot, and the cannabis industry is making huge profits. The beauty industry is one such industry that cannabis enthusiasts are tapping into and establishing a name or a space for themselves. Even existing beauty businesses want to embrace cannabis-related products on their product line. The wide range of cannabis products include CBD cream, THC cream, and full spectrum CBD oil among others. Experts are suggesting that cannabis beauty-related products could be a billion-dollar industry.

CBD derived from hemp is a main ingredient in beauty products. It is non-psychoactive and has anti-inflammatory properties. Neiman Marcus, an analyst, is expecting that the cannabis beauty industry will project more growth. There is also a section in Sephora stores for hemp beauty products. Sephora has also admitted that there has been an increase in retailers’ interest in cannabis beauty products.

Purchase of CBD beauty products

The purchase of CBD products can be done at Sephorastores by customers. The first-ever CBD brand to be available in Sephora stores is Lord Jones. Lord Jones body oil and lotion are already in Sephora’s stores. Sephora is a big supporter of cannabis beauty products and is a major retailer of beauty products for makeup, and skincare among other things. There are CBD lip balms and moisturizers on the beauty market. The Lord Jones CBD lotion has gained popularity with many celebrities such as Olivia Wilde and Stacy London. These two celebrities use Lord Jones CBD products to help them relax.

Sephora in CBD Beauty spotlight

Sephora is the first business, unlike its other competitors, to provide a shelf for CBD products other than hemp seed oil products. The Lord Jones CBD lotion has a CBD content of 100mg in the 50 ml bottle. It can be purchased for $60 at Sephora stores. This product is absolutely free of THC, which means that it is a safer choice and more marketable to consumers. No need to be fearful of getting high. The lotion is only available for purchase on Sephora’s website. It is marketed well by Sephora as a lotion that can rejuvenate and remove wrinkles and dryness from the skin. You also have the option to decide whether you want a fragrance-free lotion or not. Only the CBD lotion is available from Lord Jones products at Sephora.


Future of cannabis-related beauty products

This decision by Sephora to add Lord Jones CBD lotion to its product line could open the door for other CBD beauty products to be marketed on a large scale. So far, there has been a hindrance to CBD beauty products entering the big market because of legal issues regarding THC and of course, the stigma attached to cannabis. Some people are still not aware that THC is psychoactive, not CBD and most of these beauty products contain little or no THC. As Sephora allows one cannabis beauty product to thrive on its horizon so will other companies soon.

Barneys has also disclosed in an announcement its decision to provide luxury cannabis accessories and other CBD products in its Beverly store in California.

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