Saying goodbye to some cannabis brands from 2019

Published Apr 15, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Some of the cannabis brands that we may have enjoyed and noticed over this last year are no longer available. Celebrity status can-not be taken for granted in the cannabis green space today.  Reasons for the disappearance of some of these brands perhaps lies in supply or with regulatory demands. Whatever the reasons, the following brands have been removed from our purchasing lists for 2020.

1. Whoopi & Maya

A prime example of this is a company known as Whoopi & Maya. Established by Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, the medical cannabis company is no longer viable in 2020. Cannabis brands like this one have shut down, some due to unresolved internal issues. The celebrity co-owner, Whoopi informed board member Rick Cusick who incidentally helped in the formation of the company that she was pulling out of involvement within the brand.

This decision by Whoopi was not unknown throughout the company, as her feelings had been bought to the surface for some time. It was becoming incredibly clear that an imminent business divorce was about to take place. California’s regulations, along with the personal issues, were parts of the reason for a divorce. Financially the state of California had Whoopi & Maya jumping through legislative hoops. Whoopi had enough and withdrew her involvement in the cannabis brand's future.

The product Whoopi was endorsing claimed to provide pain relief for one of the most common recorded uses of medicinal cannabis. The product aimed to be of benefit for helping to ease menstrual cramps. The company began in 2016 with a mission to provide safe and natural pain relief through the use of a natural herb named cannabis.

2. Wayland Group Corp.

Wayland Group Corp has filed for creditor protection. This company is a vertically integrated cultivator and processor located in Canada. Here the company operates an extraction distribution and formulation business. Wayland Group portfolio includes cannabis brands Hightide, Northern Harvest, Rare Danknes, and Kiwi. Maricann, the medicinal cannabis brand, is also included in the number of cannabis brands from this corporation. This company was founded in 2013 with the location in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

3. Dionymed Brands


DionyMed Brands Inc entered receivership after failing to repay debt, which is why it’s another brand from 2019 that will not be available in the upcoming 2020 cannabis market.

4. MedMen

Another popular cannabis brand of 2019 that will have the same position in 2020 is MedMen Enterprises. 2019 was a train wreck for this brand. 2020 is seeing the same for this vertically integrated multistate operator. Finances are the Achilles heel for this company. The reduction of general and administrative expenses was reduced by 30%. However, this did not seem to be enough for the company to stay afloat in the cannabis market in California. California, the birthplace for MedMen, has seen an increasing and flourishing illicit market.

5. Lightwater Partners Ltd

2020 has seen the major licensed producer take the investor's money and look for the green road to cannabis-infused beverages. Beverages in Oregon, California, and Colorado are two percent of the edible market. Lightwater Partners Ltd has been heard stating that the drinks never took off this, according to Jerome Hass. The instability of timing regarding the effects have for some brands put a brake on the production and for some have completely pulled the plug for the 2020 cannabis brands for 2020.

So, as we say goodbye to some of the brands, we saw in 2019, the demand for cannabis brands grows, and 2020 will be sure to bring some new and exciting brands that will satisfy our ever changing cannabis needs.

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