Robinsons Premium Cannabis enters Ontario and Nova Scotia markets

Published Aug 10, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Robinsons Premium Cannabis has a commitment to the cannabis connoisseur, who enjoys Canadian grown green. The discerning consumer will enjoy the small-batch Annapolis Valley produced cannabis. Dispensaries in Nova Scotia and Ontario will now be presenting the brand, commonly known as Robinsons. If you are a consumer that cares about quality, then you’re going to want to check them out.

Who is this brand?

2014 saw the assembling of an expert team of plant scientists, horticulturists, engineers, and entrepreneurs giving birth to Robinsons Cannabis. Auxly Cannabis Group is proud to be launching its latest brand. The lifelong vision of Robinson surrounding cannabis was about to become a reality. Cannabis in Andrew Robinsons' eyes is a beautiful and somewhat complex plant that his company focuses on producing in a premium fashion for dispensaries to promote.

Each plant has up close and personal experience with the team. From the potting to the trimming and providing the packaging, the cultivators at Robinsons carefully oversee the growth and deliverance of the product. Andrew’s visions are to promote the cannabis plant while delivering an elevated and personal experience to consumers that are visiting a recreational dispensary.

Location is everything

The mild microclimate produces consistent temperatures with an evenly distributed amount of rainfall, and it is located at the base of the huge mountain ranges. The Bay of Fundy is adjacent to the North shore, and the Atlantic Ocean provides the south side influences. The sun-kissed Annapolis Valley is home to this Canadian cannabis-producing area where the company owns a 27,700 sq. ft facility and that is where the launching of four distinctive strains will be birthed.

Delicious strains

  1. Fire OG

Enjoy the trichome-rich frosty buds that you will receive from this strain. The eye-catching neon green buds have a thin covering of red hairs. The mouthwatering lemon scent leads its way to the pungent earthy aroma along with a sweet pine scent when burning. The enjoyment of this Indica-dominant Hybrid comes mainly from its high levels of THC.

  1. Lemon Garlic OG

The frosty densely stacked light lime green buds are a potent Indica-dominant Hybrid. With it, you can look forward to enjoying the spicy pine and garlic notes. If you are looking for a CBD strain, this one is not for you, as this strain has virtually no CBD, but it is packed with high levels of THC.

  1. Purple Kush

If you enjoy a heavy hitter, the crossing of Purple Afghani, Purple Kush, and Hindu Kush will please your palette. This strain is noticeable by the beautiful and unique orange and purple buds, and its earthy aroma from the Indica-dominant Hybrid. It will delight your taste buds if you enjoy the grape and berry flavours and highly potent THC levels.

  1. GG#4

Densely stacked, the resin-covered buds will deliver a delicious coffee and chocolate aroma, which helps to offset the diesel pungency of Gorilla Glue. The bright green buds are delightfully covered with orange hairs. This balanced Hybrid has high THC levels, and when burned, it has a skunky perfume that will tingle the senses.

Final thoughts

Could the Canadian East coast be the perfect growing region for premium cannabis, contradictory to what many have thought was the west coast of Canada? The 3.5-gram units are waiting for you and me at a recreational dispensary in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Robinson cannabis starts with premium seeds from well-respected seed banks. Could the high-quality cannabis with the unique aroma, taste, and appearance be the future of Canadian cannabis?

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