A review of the Niagara Falls 420 Expo

Published Apr 22, 2019 09:51 p.m. ET
Canadian Press, Damian Dovarganes

The very first 420 after marijuana legalization came to Canada on a dark and cold day for most of southern Ontario, leaving the cannabis crowd to make a big decision. Either attend the traditional 420 protests and events or try to seek out a warmer and dryer alternative. Though most marijuana related activities across the country were planned in public parks and properties and included mainly black-market products, there were a handful of active and exciting events taking place indoors that featured strictly legal and licensed producers, manufacturers, and other pot related vendors to check out. The Niagara Falls 420 Expo this year had the intention of bringing together consumers, investors, and pretty much anyone else who might be interested in a sneak peek at what the local marijuana industry has to offer or will be releasing soon sprawled out on display across just over 20 000 square feet.

First impressions last forever, and upon our arrival at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls Ontario, it was evident that this was to be a much more formal event than the typical 420 festivities offered elsewhere. Cannabis enthusiasts filled a separate accessible smoking area where marijuana use was allowed and even encouraged. Those in attendance were glowing despite the dreary weather as they celebrated what was for many, their very first opportunity to smoke pot while at a 420 function without fear of legal repercussions. Marking a significant achievement while also pointing out the flaws in our current regulations that keep weed smokers out in the cold.

After wading through the giant cloud of smoke the entryway remained unlocked and unmanned, but once inside greeters were present to help you on this new and exciting adventure with catalogs, map, and scheduled events on hand for anyone who might need a little direction. Security personnel stood firm outside of the vendor's hall, and a $20 fee was enough to get a foot in the door to see the vendors. Once inside the upbeat and positive atmosphere was undeniable. Attendees of all ages and demographics shared personal experiences including what brought them there. The most common was an overwhelming amount of excitement over the changes in Canadian cannabis regulations that will soon allow edibles and concentrates to be sold legally. What was most surprising was the variety of people in attendance. This wasn’t a stereotypical stoner gathering at all, and instead offered a more formal and professional experience that drew in crowds including businesspeople, grandparents and enthusiasts who all had their reasons for using marijuana.


The exhibits at the Niagara Falls 420 Expo came in just as much variety as the participants, with everything from grow lights, head shop trinkets, concert t-shirts, grow licenses, vaporizer kits, bongs, weed pipes and dabbing kits, to college and university admissions specialists who offered various programs aimed towards those interested in working in the cannabis industry. With just under 50 exhibitors to choose from, no one was leaving without something that they came for. Below are our top 10 vendors who registered and attended alongside a summary of what they offered to participants at the Expo for 420.

1. Cannadora Club

A technologically driven and professionally educated staff who offered a brief description of what their brand-new marijuana dispensary coming soon to Niagara Falls will have to offer.

2. Dabup Kit  

The designers themselves of the new Dip Kit that allows customers to turn any cannabis concentrate into a vape juice that can be used with a one of a kind ipod nano look alike design to keep your marijuana use as discreet as possible.

3. Puff PuffPaint

Evangeline who is a judge for the Indigenous Cannabis Cup offered attendees a soothing experience that taught them how to relax while painting a bright and colorful pot leaf to take home and display as a souvenir.

4. Tasty Buds Inc.  

Promoters displayed a variety of delicious and healthy sweet treats made of hemp and all-natural sugars. (No THC included)


5. Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences Inc.

School officials were on hand to show off a variety of both short- and long-term courses that can help to get anyone into the cannabis industry.  

6. Budzy  

Showcasing a brand-new social networking platform that acts as a safe and judgement free meeting place for those who might be seeking either a soulmate or a smoking buddy. A merging of both Tinder and Facebook along with some added cannabis flair and Budzy offers the best of both worlds on one cannabis social networking platform.  

7. Pot Away

Demonstrators amazed crowds with the effectiveness of Pot Away. A simple spray that can be used to get rid of any cannabis smells anywhere and anytime without the aid of harmful chemicals or perfumes.

8. Taboo Textiles

All things cannabis including rolling trays, ashtrays, and other more decorative marijuana related memorabilia.  

9. Cannaboards  

Hundreds of all-natural handmade wooden rolling trays sporting designs including everything from the expected pot leaf to your favorite sports team.  

10. Cannabisegg Surprise  

The maker and designer of Cannabisegg Surprise were one of the most unique vendors present, and their display was filled with versions of adult chocolate surprise eggs. With an option for men, which might include a weed pipe, bong, grinder, or other marijuana accessories, and another choice meant for women which contained a fun and stylish vibrator.  



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