Remote cannabis jobs you can do from home

Published May 13, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Technology is advancing at a staggering rate, with virtual worlds, high-tech gadgets, and so much more. That reality paired with a legal cannabis space created the perfect environment to develop industry jobs that can be done entirely from home, and the opportunities are out there for anyone who wants to get involved. Travel is no longer a barrier for those dreaming of filling cannabis jobs, and that’s great news for employees who are now more than ever looking for roles that provide the freedom that comes with working from home.

1. Call taker

If you enjoy interacting directly with customers and helping people to find the answers they’re looking for, then you might want to apply to call answering cannabis jobs, which will have consumers, and interested buyers call you directly for information. These roles have long existed in the travel and tourism industry, and some of the world's largest companies have relied on them to thrive, which is probably why the cannabis industry has promptly followed suit.

2. Brand ambassador

Every brand needs ambassadors who are willing to create and uphold their values, mission, and image in the public sphere, and though some of these remote jobs do require the occasional adventure outside of the home, many can be done from home by doing things like posting pictures on social media and getting involved with virtual events.

3. Social media manager

Social media manager is the perfect work from home job, as the role predominantly exists to release content, highlights, and announcements online through popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Even big company meetings and marketing collaborations tend to take place virtually, which means that you can keep up to demand without ever leaving the comfort of your living room.

4. Live chat agent

Cannabis jobs for chat agents get scooped up quickly, as it’s one of the easiest ways to get into the industry with minimal experience. All you’ll need is a good internet connection, knowledge of products and or services, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with customers that might not always be happy. It’s a tough job but also quite rewarding, especially for those who prefer to work alone, and as long as you can type and pay attention, you’re golden.

5. Budtender

Virtual budtenders were once a thing of dreams, but these days with platforms like the metaverse anything is possible. Though these remote roles aren’t quite yet in high demand, soon, they’ll be a new normal that is widely accepted and needed by companies that want to maintain a modern online presence. With nothing more than a license to serve, you could be managing a whole VR store from home and getting paid to have fun while doing your dream job.

6. Cannabis tester


Unfortunately, not everyone would make a great cannabis tester, as people aren’t exactly capable of detecting cannabinoid counts or terpene concentrations reliably, and this job is more about consistent experience. Those with Ganjier training are typically well suited to become cannabis testers, and some companies turn these opportunities into remote work by sending samples to a selected few to try at their leisure. This is one of those out-of-this-world roles, but they do exist for anyone who could be a good fit with its unique demands.

7. Judge

Judges haven’t always had the chance to work at home and it’s not exactly full-time work, but now many virtual circuits are hosting competitions and looking for cannabis enthusiasts who’ve got what it takes to rank each entry for specific qualities. Most cannabis cup judges shifted to working remotely over these last 2 years, and now more than ever before will continue with this tradition, so be sure to keep an eye out to apply for these opportunities. They’re rare but so much fun, even if they do require a small amount of travel in exchange for huge perks.

8. Moderator

Virtual events have carried the cannabis industry through some of the hardest phases of the pandemic, and they’ll continue to play an integral role moving forward. This shift has created a whole new world of opportunities, in particular for those that struggle to travel and the increasing demand for this service guarantees the future of virtual moderators. Introduce speakers, ask questions, speak on behalf of producers, and so much more, and do it all from the comfort of your home.

9. Cannabis educator or consultant

Cannabis educators or consultants aren’t necessarily predominantly remote jobs, as many of these wonderful information sharers traverse great distances to aid clients and businesses. Luckily, with online platforms, that doesn’t have to be the case, leading to a rise in virtual teachers with a love for the plant and all it has to offer. These remote jobs will require some formal education, so they’re not just open to anyone, but it’s a position that’s more than worth the investment.

10. Reviewer

If you want to work from home and are willing to put a bit of time into building up your social media presence and brushing up on your presentation skills, then why not consider becoming a cannabis reviewer? You won’t make a tonne of money right away, but you might be surprised to find just how many companies are willing to pay influencers who test out their cannabis accessories and products. It might start as a side hustle, with free items to enjoy, and before long, it could blossom into a full-blown career, doing what you love.

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